Balinese Custom And Culture

Balinese Custom And Culture

Balinese Custom And Culture

Balinese Custom And Culture. In every nation has certain customs and culture respectively. For that, they have an obligation to preserve and implement all the customs and culture seriously. Likewise with the customs and culture in Bali island, which until now still firmly held consistently by the community. Customs and culture that existed at the Balinese are closely linked with religion and religious life of Hindu society. Both have had such a long historical roots and expressive configuration reflects the dominance of the Hindu religion and religious philosophy. Configuration aspects are embodied in the form of the religious essence, life patterns, social institutions, and art that exist within Balinese.

Religion Bali

The majority of Balinese Hinduism that have adopted the basic framework to include three things: philosophy, ritual, and Tata Susila. Bindu is the essence of the teachings of the Panca Cradha which means that five Widhi Cradha belief is belief in one supreme God, Atma Cradha is belief in atman or soul in every creature, Karma Pala Cradha is confidence in the legal action, is the belief Punarbhawa Cradha against the existence of reincarnation or rebirth after death, is the belief in moksha Cradha existence of eternal happiness. Balinese Custom And Culture.

Pattern of Community Life

The pattern of Balinese life is very rigid and tied to the norms of both religious and social. In the context of religious norms, for example, every Balinese Hindu to implement mandatory prayer or worship in particular temples are required to live together in one place in the community, the ownership of agricultural land is required in a particular subak, are required in social status based on the colors, the ties of kinship is required by patrilineal principles.

Settlement patterns

Balinese residential structure can be divided into two types namely kosentris settlement pattern as in the Balinese who live in the mountains and settlements spread as it did on the people of Bali are located in the lowlands. At kosentris pattern, traditional village that became a central point. While the pattern of spread, the village is divided into a unit smaller area called Banjar. Balinese Custom And Culture.

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