Weekend To Budapest



The first tip to visit Budapest on a budget can not be that Gerbeaud pastry. For several reasons. First because it is active since 1858 and has gone unscathed for a century and a half of history. Secondly, because it is the best of Budapest. Third, because if your budget is limited, lost a step from the pastry Gerbeaud means having wasted a great chance of being. The bakery is located in the Vörösmarty tér 7-8. The second leg of our visit to Budapest is the Castle of Budha. The funicular is affordable (about 4 euros), but to save you can go by foot. The walk is rewarded with a view of the city of extraordinary beauty. Another mandatory stop on our tour is a low cost of the famous spas of Budapest . Among the cheapest of the Széchenyi baths, one of the largest groups in Europe: after 19 hours the price of admission is reduced further.

Do not miss in Budapest is also the Jewish quarter, located in District VII. Here are the largest synagogue in Europe, Dohány utca, the Jewish Museum, with a rich collection of sacred objects, and the Memorial Park where you can admire the magnificent Tree of Life, a monument dedicated to the Holocaust represented by a weeping willow. Budapest is a very modern city that is particularly fond of shopping. Walk to Vaci utca, the street that connects Vörösmarty Square, you can admire traditional boutiques and specialty stores, along Falk Miksa utca are the best antique dealers in the city; the V and VII District is the ideal destination for those seeking the best porcelain and down respectively to reach Deák Ferenc tér metro stations and Blaha Lujza.

Cheap flights to Budapest to eat both lunch and dinner, the area is most suitable around Vörösmarty tér. There are many stalls serving simple but absolutely delicious: the taverns of the area is about 10 euros you can eat with dishes of Hungarian cuisine. The same applies to the area of Liszt Ferenc tér, a pedestrian area full of bars and restaurants at really low prices. The night life of Budapest is one of the liveliest in Europe. Over the past ten years also have increased the local pub and spend the evening listening to great music, both traditional and jazz, while sipping a beer. The city’s cultural life has nothing to envy to other capitals: artists, performers, musicians of any kind, fill all the year the full calendar of events in Budapest.

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