The Most Beautiful Beaches In Corsica



Corsica is a paradise for lovers of sea and mountain! The island, from the geological point of view, it is practically carried a fragment of the Alps in the middle of the western Mediterranean, and this helps to create geographic features breathtaking views of mountains that are thrown headlong into a crystal clear waters.

There are granite rocks, volcanic, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, providing beaches of every color, white, black, reddish, and with an incredible variety of tones and shades. In addition the presence of the mountains creates different microclimates, and in theory each day you may choose to bet on which side of the island to find a calm sea and sun, to have safeguards to make a beach vacation in Corsica weather without too many surprises.

Here are some beaches, then do not miss the Corsica, and we have chosen beaches in every area of the island, in order to give you the chance to get a taste full of the wonders that can be found on the shores of the largest island of France.

And deservedly the most famous beach of the island, with its fine white sand, offering a magical contrast to the pink granite and the intense turquoise of its waters. When you add the frame of large pines, which provide a valuable support of shadow, the magical effect is greatly assured. The only drawback is that such beauty attracts a huge number of tourists and vacationers, and in August the beach is really packed with people. To reach it one must move from Porto-Vecchio south along the N198 and head to the left of the second access to the D859.

This beach is a bit ‘out of hand, but it is a feast for the eyes, as close to a small bay and acogliente. It is located about halfway between Sartene and Boniface , and is reached by following the dirt path on the Asinaja. Look forward to a white sandy beach in the shape of a horseshoe, with crystalline waters that veer from turquoise to deep blue sea. Above the beach overlooking the so-called Lion of Roccapina (Rocher du Lion), a natural rock sculpture, crowned by an old Genoese watchtower erected at the beginning of 16 century which stands on the Cap de Rocapina. Horizon in the distance the coast of Sardinia , and the nearby famous megaliths of Cauria.

It ‘s a beach not so great, but the sea here is very clean and inviting. The beach is located west of L’Ile Rousse and east of Curzo, and you reach the N197 turning toward the sea on the way Barangone. Its white sand is fairly coarse, and so this is one of the reasons for its crystal clear water, since the sand settles quickly. It ‘a beach suitable for families, especially because next to Bodri plage, separated by a promontory covered with Mediterranean vegetation, lies the beach Giunchetu, where the sea deepens gradually. The only drawback, the beach can be beaten by the Mistral, in case it becomes a paradise for windsurfing!

On the west coast of Corsica, just south of Ajaccio , is a beautiful beach of fine golden sand and azure waters, but sometimes … must be shared with the cows! The beach is easily reached from Propiano, along the coastal road D157, D155 and then veer towards the Serra-di-Ferro, beyond which, after about 3.5 km you turn on the D155A showing Plage de Cupabia. At the end of the road are parking, and a wide beach close by two rocky headlands covered with vegetation, sheltering the bay from winds. Its waters are ideal for snorkeling, especially on outdoor areas where there are rocks and islets.

Plage de Saleccia
This is really still a wild place, and then an immeasurable beauty. It is located in the so-called D├ęsert des Agriates , north-western shoulder of Corsica , just west of the “finger” of Cap Corse. The beach is accessible by sea, departing from Saint Florent, or with off-road or mountain biking on dirt roads and rough. The effort is rewarded by a magnificent white sand belt, and a blue sea, that only nature can offer completely forgotten by man. Not far then there is the equally beautiful plage de Loto, a good idea would be to spend the morning here, and move to the beach Saleccia in the early afternoon, then enjoy a beautiful day at sea with a magical sunset over the Mediterranean.

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