Day In Malta: A Passion For Art And History



Why would a billionaire tycoon ninety Polish give away his collection of masterpieces of art in Malta?. ‘Because here I found everything I ever dreamed’ said Zdzislaw Bieganski, which decades of passion for the arts has accumulated a wealth of over 2000 pieces include such names as Picasso, Renoir, Michelangelo and Van Gogh, two containers filled with signatures of known historical or small artists to whom the collector has linked memories of their lives and where the island is looking for the right place.

The engineer Bieganski, arrived in Malta by accident 40 years ago, looking for a nice place to set up a new headquarters for its business, fell in love immediately archipelago, its climate, its traditions and its inhabitants. Bieganski he decided to settle in Malta, and here he found the perfect place to live but also where we continue to cultivate their love for art. That’s why now, at the respectable age of 91 years, has expressed his generous willingness to ‘Make a gift to Malta and its young artists’ giving a unique collection, which can be their source of inspiration as well as Malta has been for him.

Malta, with its strategic location at the center of the Mediterranean, has seen the arrival of thousands of years in a diverse mix of cultures that inevitably fostered the development of a thriving sensitivity for all the arts, just remember that here the example of Caravaggio painted its larger context (the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, on display at the Cathedral of Valletta). At the national level, promotion and care of the artistic and cultural heritage of Malta was entrusted to Heritage Malta, the agency that handles the major museums and cultural sites. Under the auspices of Heritage Malta will place a long list of important sites related to history from the Neolithic and Megalithic temples with Apogee, through spiritual places as the Catacomb of St. Paul, to come up with the history of the Crusades magnificent buildings as the State Palace in Valletta. Heritage Malta is committed to the promotion of culture through a full calendar of events and exhibitions, among which is a must cite the Open Day, the day that periodically allow free access to some of the wonders of the archipelago.

The next Open Day scheduled for June 7 are provided with inputs and free guided tours at the National Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Natural History, the Maritime Museum of Malta and the Inquisitor’s Palace, June 29 while you can freely visit the catacombs of St. Paul and the megalithic temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra.

Not everyone knows that.

Both the winter solstice to summer tradition represented in a symbolic moment both in terms of cultural and spiritual. On the island of Malta , at the megalithic temple of Mnajdra, each June 21 during the summer solstice, the first rays of the rising sun illuminate the edge of a large stone placed to the left of center that connects the room entrance of the temple with the inner room. At the same time, to Hagar Qim, the rays of the sun through a hole in the wall of the temple, known as the oracle hole, projecting inside a disk of light with the passage becomes the first minutes of a half moon and then extends into an ellipse disappear as if swallowed up by the soil. On this occasion, Heritage Malta allows the entrance to a small group of people allowing you to celebrate this moment, spiritually evocative and suggestive.

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