The Cleanest Sea In Europe

croatia sea

croatia sea

Have been well evaluated 22,000 individual sites, including marine and lake beaches, rivers and islands scattered throughout the old continent, but in the end the picture that emerges is very encouraging: more than 9 out of 10 beaches in Europe, have passed tests European water quality, and are therefore suitable for a safe and rewarding beach vacation!.

And what emerges from the last report on the status of water, just published by European Environment Agency, that soon after the recent award of Blue Flags adds a further element in the real situation of the seas of the old continent. The sites in Europe that have been shown to possess the minimum requirements to ensure safe bathrooms for tourists, this year reaching the remarkable value of 92.1% of cases, a record since since 1990, the status of European waters are monitored.

Not only that, by selecting locations for their excellence, the number of beaches still remains very high, in practice nearly 8 beaches of 10 (77.1%) experienced excellent water quality, thus able to meet the parameters most demanding in terms of chemical and bacteriological purity. There exists a European directive on bathing dated 2006, to be implemented without exception by 2014. In the study, over two thirds of the analyzed waters come from coastal sites, the rest are for sampling done on lakes and rivers of the continent. Among the bacteria sought the ‘Escherichia coli and intestinal enterococci possible, indicators of the presence of well-adjusted discharges, or livestock nearby.

Analyzing the results in more detail, include the waters of the central-eastern Mediterranean to possess something more than the rest of the continent. Just referring to excellence, that is, selecting rigorously compared to driving more stringent parameters, shows that destinations such as Malta , the Croatia , the Greek and especially the island of Cyprus showing each average at least 9 out of 10 beaches with waters comply with the tables the highest quality.

For holiday 2012, if you want to have almost the certainty of a sea at the top, these are the best destinations, especially for families demanding, they want guarantees of clean seas for their children. Is there anyway to say that Italy walks away with pride, with over 80% of high-quality water, at the same level she Spain and Portugal. But if we analyze the ranking from the sidelines, some destinanzioni actually seem less advisable, at least with regard to water quality: on the shores of the Black Sea Bulgaria average is below average. As well as in northern Europe the percentage of quality beaches decrease in both the Netherlands to Belgium as also regarding the Latvia , overlooking the Baltic Sea. Even Luxembourg , obviously for its internal waters, is positioned in areas of low rank. Without scaremongering however: only 2% of water was not suitable for bathing in Europe!.

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