Ten Tips Visiting London On Low Budget

Big Ben

Big Ben

In a little you talk a lot in London : in June, will touch at the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and then comes the time of the Olympics during the summer, turn on the spotlight on the world capital of England. Inevitable that close this series of events will result in increased prices of goods and services in large cities and, in times of crisis, this is certainly not good news. How to defend yourself? Here then are some tips on saving money during a vacation in London , on how to get the most from the great city on the Thames, spending the least.

Avoid the taxi (if possible)
Certainly they are comfortable, but considering the London traffic, and service costs, this transport system is best left to businessmen. The wrong choice that a tourist can do is rely on a taxi when arriving at the airport: this is the distance of the airports of Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted that the price of the meter could easily exceed the cost of the flight, more than 100 euros per ride.

London Travel Card
To move at low cost in the capital this is the right card: your pass allows travel by bus and subway to unlimited and flexible, there are denominations of 1 3 or 7 consecutive days with discounts for families and young people. Please note, however, the pass must be booked 3 months in advance! Prices start from 12 euros for adults, and vary depending on the area and duration of the pass.

Oyster Card and Visitor Pass Transit
Other pass useful alternative to the first is definitely the Oyster Card: This is more convenient if you do not have a precise idea of what you will travel with the public transport network, and prefer to spend as little as possible with the “pay as you go” that is, according to actual consumption. The Oyster Card is valid for the underground (the tube for the true London), buses, trams and Docklands Light Railway.

London Pass
As additional alternative also exists the London Pass, which can be extended to the transport network, although the maximum convenience for those who plan to see many London attractions, besides seventy. There is cut from 2-3 and 6 days, with minimal cost from 75 euros, which grow to about 95 euros if you extend the transport zone 1-2. Obviously, the 6-day card costs more, about 190 euros for adults with the use of public transport.

Bike Sharing
Do you like cycling?. Bike sharing with you a short-term bicycle hire, a wonderful way to move to London, seeing the city from very close and thus avoiding the high cost of taxis. Some bike rentals coffrono the first half hour free. If Rent a bike from Barclays Cycle Hire in zone 1 of London, spend a pound (about 1.3 euros) for the entire day. The only negative thing: the traffic and driving on the left, and the crazy London weather!.

Discount theater tickets
If you like the arts, particularly theater, London TKTS is the best way to get tickets at half price, for the same day, to access the theater in London’s West End. In practice you can see a last minute for the last remaining places, which are sold for the same evening, a fire-sale prices.

Free Museums and Galleries
If you really do not want to spend any money in London , and you’re kind of walking endless (and free), sandwich in the park, and bed & breakfast basic level, then remember that you can also include a visit to some great museum, places of culture as the British Museum The National Gallery and Tate Modern are in fact completely free! What a wonderful lesson in civility!

Eating on the street
For lunch, the cheapest and least costly in terms of both money and time, is to make a “lunch” at the bar maybe buying a sandwich and eat it in one of the beautiful parks of London, as the central Hyde Park or the nearby Kensington Gardens . The newspaper The Guardian has recently compiled a list of the top 10 food stalls in the streets of London, where the savings add flavor.

Afternoon Tea
Then you want to save a few quid for the night? Instead of dinner you can enjoy a nice afternoon tea in London: spend less than going to a restaurant, you will experience something typical Londoners, and run less risk of being disappointed by the British cuisine. If you wish to spend, there are places where there is also an afternoon tea to cost as a dinner at the restaurant, with costs around 30 pounds, but a good tea in London, accompanied by excellent butter cookies or a slice of cheesecake is an experience not to be missed.

The last step required for a real tourist: the purchase of souvenir for relatives and friends. If you’re lucky enough not to have this burden, pass over, otherwise the advice is to go shopping for souvenirs directly to the market at Portobello Road, where you will not be plucked to buy your small phone booth or reproduction of a typical double -decker London, or a ceramic of Tower Bridge . The visit also can be fun, and is an opportunity to see one of the most important flea markets in the world.

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