Zomercarnaval, The Summer Carnival In Rotterdam



Going to get the summer, and in some areas of northern Europe comes the moment of carnival: yes, despite the carnival period is typically in February or early March, often for reasons of climate and pleasant temperatures, many carnival celebrations take place in summer!. Just think of London, with the Carnival in Notting Hill that turns on the center of the capital of England at the end of August.

The growth of the summer carnival, both in size and quality, has meant that the city of Rotterdam has now become a European and global reference for this type of celebration: it is a festive event, colorful, proud and transgressive, all at the same time. The Zomercarnaval, so Dutch, becomes the center of the city in July in the biggest stage of all the Netherlands.

The latest editions have evolved into a media event, with great presence of newspapers and televisoni, and with a worldwide impact, not only in Western Europe, but also in South and North America as well as get sympathy throughout Europe of ‘East The music will be one of the common denominators of the carnival, with over 25 orchestras on stage and will move on parade, with the presence of national and international artists who will take turns on stage. And ‘now established that the Rotterdam Summer Carnival is the festival more colorful and rich tropical music in the Netherlands and much of northern Europe.

That’s roughly how does the program of the event:

The second Saturday of July: Election of the Queen
Unlike many other beauty contests, the election of the Queen of the Summer Carnival is not only related to the individual beauty as an ambassador of the Summer Carnival Queen will represent the festival on several occasions. Thus eloquence, knowledge of the Summer Carnival and its cultural heritage are both essential for the selection of the queen. The candidates will be judged on several occasions on the basis of their ability to improvise and dance, both from the public that a vote on the Internet. The third round of judgment is still the most spectacular: The claimants will participate in a show, dressed in their stunning and glittering carnival costumes. You will not have another chance to see a Rotterdam so beautiful and dazzling!.

Last Friday in July The Battle of Drums

The highlight of this evening in Rotterdam is undoubtedly the “Battle of Drums”. How is it done? Four brass bands from four different locations in the city, meet each other on stage for a challenge on Coolsingel, the main artery of Rotterdam. Over one hundred drummers and trumpeters will try to surpass in this battle music. Unlike previous years the battle of the drums has become a real race. The winner will be announced as “Best of Brass Bands of Summer Carnival.” The event starts at 19 on Coolsingel

Last Saturday of July Parade and Street Live On Stage

The Summer Carnival is a Caribbean 3 days in the city center of Rotterdam, an event similar to the carnival in Rio, where at least 900,000 visitors from all over Europe, who come to dance to Latin music and watch the amazing floats and colorful costumes the great allegorical Street Parade. On Saturday the final touches to the big parade, which invades downtown infiammandolo into the night. Rotterdam is transformed into a huge party and the Brazilian is a shame not to be here in this exciting and vibrant night Dutch.

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