The Most Beautiful Islands In Thailand

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island

Thailand, a destination of great charm, and that wanting can also be beneficial as prices, which these days is always welcome, of course, if you can move independently from the various provinces of the country of Siam. The Thailand offers so much, both in the culture of nature, but it is clear that both the sea, indeed, its two seas, to attract the most tourists. And the islands are the subject of dreams and desires of a vast number of travelers.

If you are among those who love the charm of the seas, Thailand is the perfect choice for this country has over 503 islands, all with beautiful beaches, is distributed over the Gulf of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. Moreover, the islands of Thailand islands offer a great variety of marine life and magnificent coral reefs, suitable for swimmers of all levels can indulge you with snorkeling and diving. Finally, Thailand has a warm climate but quite varied, depending on its considerable extension in latitude. If it is true that the best time is usually the winter and spring, while summer and autumn is the period of the wet monsoon, in the most southern summer is in fact discrete, while the peaks of rainfall is usually in the spring and autumn. So there are possibilities to come to the islands of Thailand in every season and enjoy your beach holiday with all the perfect ingredients. Here then is the best islands that are undoubtedly some of the best beach destinations in Thailand.

Phi Phi Islands, the paradise is here
You could not start with these islands, a true marvel of nature. They are also one of the most exclusive destinations in Thailand, but then the magic of the landscape could not pass unnoticed! The Phi Phi Island is about 40 km from both Phuket that Krabi . The archipelago is one of the most beautiful in the world with its crystal clear emerald sea and the rocks covered with vegetation details. It consists of six islands, also called Pee Pee, but the most important are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le. Phi Phi Don is certainly ideal for swimming and diving because of its beautiful underwater world and its famous coral formations , while Phi Phi Le, uninhabited, which has a cave on the interior walls are several old drawings, including one that looks like a Viking ship, hence the name Viking Cave. The cave is also inhabited by thousands of swallows that produce nests of birds that have a commercial value, as well as being edible. There are various types of hotels on Phi Phi Don, all of high standard, with the equipment available to hire and scuba diving and snorkeling excursions are organized regularly.

Ko Phuket the largest island in Thailand
Phuket is considered the pearl of the South, and is certainly the largest island of Thailand, with an area of up to 570 sq. km. The island has gained a worldwide reputation as a tourist town mainly for its many beautiful beaches, lapped by the Andaman Sea. Given the large extent, the tourists can have many alternatives, finding the beaches that are best suited to your needs, you want the quieter and wilder, even those where you can enjoy an active social life, and above all a carefree night life. Whatever your choice, all the beaches have the same common denominator: bright sun, white sand and calm seas with clear turquoise waters. Another advantage, Phuket International Airport is, and you can find cheap flights, also from Europe.

Ko Samui island of waterfalls
Koh Samui is covered with such an abundance of coconut palms, which is also known by the nickname of Coconut Island. This is a great tourist destination located off the province of Surat Thani , southern Thailand, with flat areas along its coast and mountainous areas, covered with dense vegetation, remain inside. The beauty of nature is what is the island of Samui founded his fame, there are many beautiful beaches and bays, but beyond the shores, where bask in the sun. Ko Samui has several waterfalls in particular those of Na Muang and Hin Lat among the finest in the south-east Asia. In addition there are various possibilities for accommodation, DAGL first class hotel to the more spartan bungalow, ideal for those on a tighter budget.

Koh Samet Island from the fabulous beaches
Ko Samet is one of the most popular tourist islands of Thailand, and is part of the Marine National Park Khao Laemya-Ko Samet. It is located just 6.5 km from the coast of the eastern province of Rayong , is an island and admired by the world for its beautiful beaches with fine white sands, clear waters and the possibility of finding a variety of accommodation. Some of its beaches have become real must for seaside tourism: for example, Sai Kaeo is famous for its magnificent beach, Wong Duan beach impresses with its arched, that sounds like a crescent moon, resting on the sea. Very good also the beaches of Ao Phrao, where an abundance of coconut palms and the Ao Kiu is the right place for privacy and tranquility. Ko Samet never disappoints tourists, especially those who love swimming, diving or other water sports.

Ko Chang the second largest island in Thailand
Ko Chang is the second largest island of the country, second in the standings after Phuket. Located in the sea of Trat, the province on the far eastern coast, Ko Chang is a marine national park of Thailand, consisting of some 48 islands. Among these, Ko Chang is the largest with a variety of attractions, including many beaches, forests and waterfalls. The island is rich in vegetation in the mountainous central part, while the most beautiful beaches are located in the western part of the island, served by bungalows and other facilities. Ko Chang offers quiet beaches and scenic waterfalls, of which the most famous is the waterfall of Than Mayom. Some of the islands of Ko Chang offers a good opportunity to dive into shallow water as the nearby islands of Ko Kra and Ko Wai. The beaches however most renowned for their beauty are Sai Khao, Khlong Phrao and Kai Bae.

Ko Pha-Ngan island of the Full Moon Party
Ko Pha Ngan is located north of Ko Samui and tourists will find it equally fascinating, with its white beaches, clear sea and a calm and quiet atmosphere suitable for swimming and relaxation. Among the most beautiful island, we must remember the cascade of Tan Sadet worth a visit, as it is surrounded by beautiful plants, including orchids the largest in the world. Each month there is a big party, with the expected Full Moon Party, and that the full moon parties, which attract many tourists looking for entertainment and nightlife a bit ‘over the top.

Ko Tao, Island of Turtles
Koh Tao is located north of Ko Samui in the province of Surat Thani . In the past, it was not a tourist island, which served as a prison for political prisoners. Now, for its beautiful landscapes, tranquil atmosphere and the environment perssochè virgin, Ko Tao stands today as one of the most famous islands in Thailand . Also here are ideal sites for scuba diving snorkeling. Many dive sites are scattered throughout the island. The name Tao means turtle, once abundant in these waters, but today they are harder to see, as I am disturbed by the great success in tourism. Remain, however, the spectacular coral reefs, rich in many fish species.

Ko Lanta for those seeking solitude and peace
Accessible by boat from Krabi , with just over 2 hours of sailing with speed boat, or the smaller town of Trang , this archipelago of 52 islands is the ideal destination for those who need total peace and tranquility. The cliché that awaits lturista is the same as other islands of Thailand, sun, sea and lush vegetation, but here … the value added or subtracted, is the lack of tourist development, with sitemazioni most essential, perfect for those who want to completely remove with the hustle and media today. The beaches then become the beautiful surrounding deserts, sove retrieve their contact with nautra. Do not miss the Klong Dao and Phra Ae, but if you really want to choose those abandoned shipwrecks sentevi of Klong Tob and Klong Kong.

Ko Yao immersed in the magic of the Bay of Phang – Nga
Exactly in the middle in the middle of the bay of Phang Nga , north of Phi Phi Island group, and about halfway between Phuket remains to the west, and the province of Krabi to the east, the group of Koh Yao has two main islands Ko Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi, but then there is a scattering of small islands, often ricopeerti of vegetation, which scatter the turquoise waters and see emerald. The limestone rocks are eroded in a special and spectacular, and caves abound along the coastline, and you can explore by boat trips. A species of Phi Phi Islands, but in version Low Cost The two islands are part of Ao Phang Nga National Marine Park. Do not miss the beaches, particularly some notes, including mention Hat Pa Sai and Ao Tikut.

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