Croatia: 5 Unknown Islands Of Dalmatia



Summer is programmed to time and many option for the summer vacation destination for seafood. Among the various possibilities that are there, the Croatia has many attractions for Italian tourists: there are still affordable prices, at least until the euro will not come here too, the sea is crystal clear, there are several sites of historical and artistic, and which never hurts, great satisfaction from cooking, especially for those who want to eat fish without robbing the salary.

In particular, many are looking for a vacation on the Croatian islands, ideal for those seeking a bit ‘of peace, especially in August even though it gets pretty complicated. Here then 5 islands of Croatia, which we propose to be a bit ‘on the edge of mass tourism, but with great beauty to offer travelers, where power pleasant holiday by the sea between the beaches and coves, the most evocative of the Mediterranean without encountering too many tourists.

This island is on the southern Dalmatian archipelago, and was tied to a time in the Republic of Ragusa , now Dubrovnik . It was once the Italian territory, being part of the Province of Zadar after the first World War, but since 1947 has been part of Yugoslavia and then in Croatia. Located not too far from the islands of Tremiti . Closed to tourism, for military reasons, until 1992, today its success among the travelers is growing, but many still ignore its existence. Lastovo is spectacular, became a national park in 2006, is covered by a beautiful pine wood and its waters are clean. No less important, is known and appreciated for its excellent seafood. Lastovo A will not be bored, there are 46 smaller islands nearby, accessible by boat from the port making numerous trips.

If you really want to experience a holiday like Robinson Crusoe or so close to Italy, perhaps the island of Mrcara the best choice! The only permanent inhabitants of this beautiful island, which lies close to Lastovo, are the goats and mouflon. There is only one property on this island forgotten by the world, with few bedrooms and bungalows. If you are in the low season you may be alone, complete with an island at your disposal. It ‘s the perfect place to relax and live in close contact with nature: swimming, snorkeling and fishing activities during the day, reading and contemplation of the starry sky (here is really dark) the activities of the evening, away from stress and the rest of the planet.

Just along the coast of Dubrovnik, Sipan or Sipanska Luka was a chic retreat for wealthy families of the city in the 15 th century. And ‘with orange, lemon and fig plantations and the local wine is very pleasant. Here tranquility is guaranteed, the tourists are not so frequent and the island are all for you. The rhythm of time passes slowly in Sipan and sea holiday is really a human scale. If then the quiet becomes too hard to bear, with a speedboat in less than 15 minut you are in the town of Dubrovnik , a breath ‘of life.

Sveti Klement
A short distance from Hvar , namely the island of Hvar , are an archipelago in particular: the island view, called the Devil’s Islands. The largest group of Sveti Klement (Palmizana), a green island with coves and beaches of white gravel. Peaceful and here you can enjoy swimming, water skiing and windsurfing throughout solitude. The jagged shape, full of bays allows you to find a cove suitable for all types of wind. You can get here by ferry from the nearby island of Hvar, a journey from the time of 20 minutes.

We close the show with this island of Dalmatia North: we are in Prvic, a quiet island not far from Sibenik (Sibenik) where cars can not disembark. So the only way is to walk on the trails and paths that link the beaches, olive groves, pine forests and a remarkable 15 th century monastery, as well as small villages and churches. There is one hotel, called Maestral, which is housed in the old village school Prvić Luka. Another town on the island not to be missed is the village of Å epurine. A Prvic it is a bit ‘out of this world and civilization, but that the rush of things, and always in a hurry!.

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