Isla de las Muñecas, The Island of the Dolls In Mexico

Isla de las Muñecas

Isla de las Muñecas

To decide to visit the Island of the Dolls need a good dose of courage, curiosity a little or some morbid wheel out of place. Or all three. Because this part of Mexico -an island in the Laguna de Tlilac small, between Mexico City and Xochimilco, is so gruesome as to forget the beauty of the landscape. All around there are bunches of flowers, butterflies and birds from as light as confetti painted feathers, but the island Eden gives way to an eerie scene.

Here, on the Isla de las Muñecas, hanging from trees hundreds of dolls hanged. Dolls, or what’s left: some missing an arm, a leg, or all the arts, others are bald or have lost their eyes, others still are so faded by the sun to look like ghosts, and sometimes there are only heads without body. And what is worse is that the dolls continue to smile. After all, decades ago, were made to reassure and amuse children. But now that the wilderness has imbruttite, that smile is a grin unjustified, and those plastic eyes have a blank stare, which seems to hide a folly.

Behind all this a bit of madness, perhaps, there really is. To welcome visitors and tell the story today is the grandson of Julian Santana, the character over the years has given rise to the absurd cemetery. Everything would be born of a tragic event: fifty years ago, Santana, the only inhabitant of the island, had found the tiny body in the lagoon of a drowned girl. Shortly after, beside her, was a doll emerged from the water. Alarmed by the situation and decided to ingratiate himself with the spirit of the child, the man had hung the doll from a tree, hoping to assuage the sufferings of the deceased and at the same time keeps the devil away from the island. Gradually the idea became an obsession: Santana continued to look for dolls or doll parts of the channel and in the bin, and every time he recovered something bound him to a tree, a branch, or the possession of the stones as to simulate an altar. It seems that at some point he started feeding his bevy of toys mutilated, cultivating fruits and vegetables for them.

The army of dolls grew, and although it lacked the curious there was an actual island tourism: people preferred to stay away from what looked like the lair of a madman. To attract visitors we wanted an event even more macabre, which arrived on time in 2001: that year the Julian Santana drowned in the lagoon, just like the girl, and immediately sprang up dolls on the legends killer. Since then, the Isla de las Muñecas very popular tourist attraction is undoubtedly the most bizarre of Mexico , from time to time in the spotlight of television. People, apparently, can not wait to find out who is really an island infested.

In reality, whether we are or are not of evil spirits in the forest, does not matter. La Isla is still creepy, especially at night, when the shapes of the dolls sway in the breeze and are illuminated only intermittently. But the days are no less, when the high beam shows every detail: an eyeball inhabited by insects, worms populated by a skull or an arm covered with mold. All accompanied by the inevitable plastic smile, which seems to ask, “sure I did well to come here on holiday?”. To get to the Island of the Dolls, you have to go about 28 kilometers south of Mexico City. Here you search among the various offerings of the cruise the canals of Xochimilco, which are traveled by traditional boats trajineras. The best point of departure for the Isla de las Muñecas Cuemanco is called the Embarcadero.

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