Kensington Palace In London Reopens To Public

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Good news for those who love London and everything related to the royal house of England after a period of impressive restoration will reopen to the public again. Kensington Palace, once the noble residence of Queen Victoria as well as Princess Diana, and that by next years will also host the Prince William and his wife Kate. Expected date for the opening Monday morning March 26 at 10am.

Surrounded by manicured gardens, those of Kensington Gardens, the red brick building in central London has been witness to more than 400 years of private and political life of the British monarchy. It been home for six British monarchs, including the great Queen Victoria, who spent his childhood here, and contains several “Royal Apartments”, which are actually true Georgian houses: in one of these William Kate and take residence in the next year. Kensington Palace is a pleasant residence, if only for its warm brick red color that contrasts strongly to gray a bit ‘sad to Buckingham Palace, the London residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Kensington Palace is not just the preserve of royalty, also has dozens of rooms that are open to the public. The party visited the palace reopens on Monday, in time for visitors to enjoy an intense tourist season in June that will include the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen, and of course the rich program of the Summer Olympics. Entering the palace there are four different centuries of royal family, today presented with a high, thanks to the investment of almost 15 million euros spent to renovate the building. Of course the palace, which has 407 years of life, is far from new, but what is “lived” is part of its charm, however, and the curators have used innovative methods, including projections of light curtains and sound effects, in able to bring its rich history to a new life.

However visitors hoping to pry into the homes of the former wife of Prince Charles, Diana or the future home of their son William and his new wife Kate, will be very disappointed: it is a luxury apartment in 2013 that will be occupied by two principles, that the apartments where Diana lived until his death in 1997, are excluded from the tourist trail. If you remember the palace, 15 years ago, was surrounded by a sea of flowers weeping, but today it will host only a small tribute to the “people’s princess” in a small room at the end of a corridor on the ground floor. In any case there will be five of Diana dresses on display, including one designed by Gianni Versace designed in 1995, and some great photographs of the princess.

Upstairs there is instead an exhibition in Victoria, the only one of the first British monarch Queen Elizabeth, to add 60 years on the throne of England. The exhibition includes the room where he was born and the place where in 1837, aged 18 years, was informed that his uncle, William IV, had died and she was the new queen. The company that operates the palace hopes to attract at least 380,000 visitors a year, with a marked increase compared to 280,000 visits were recorded before the restructuring. On the official website tickets are available, even for the opening day. The entrance fee for adults and 13.5 pounds, down to 11 pounds. The opening hours for the summer season will be all day from 10 to 18, with last admission at 17.

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