Island Of Villingili, The First Golf Course In Maldives



It seems impossible to say, but none of the most luxurious resorts in the Maldives had never thought of offering a great golf course to its customers, throughout the archipelago!. But from next week, and more precisely, by March 27, the first golf course from nine holes to the Maldives will become a reality: the chain Shangri-La has confirmed that within the territory Maldivian birth of the first Golf Court, which will commence on next Monday. There was only a small golf course with 6 holes at the time, on Kuredo Island.

The new field will have precisely an extension of nine holes, which were designed on the south side of the island of Villingili. The surface of the golf club is spread over 7 acres, and the holes are par 3 average, while the cost of a play is around 60 euros, including the hire of clubs. Not missed, of course, the controversy on whether to build a golf course in the Maldives, and especially on the island of Villingili: in fact, there are concerns about the environmental impact on the turtles, which should easily be noticed between holes 6 and 9 and thus may be disturbed by the players, and they discussed the advisability of using fresh water for irrigation of the greens and use of organic fertilizers, which according to Shangri-La have been minimized, to avoid the environmental consequences sea, but that might have some impact.

Shangri-La will then claim the distinction of being the first chain to offer golf resorts in the Maldives, but his “celebrity” might be short-lived, given that there are plans to build a golf course floating on an artificial island that cost $ 500 million, which should be completed by 2015. According to this second project, golfers should not do is get on a speedboat to the proposed site, which will feature 27 holes of well-distributed on all three islands of the complex, connected by underwater tunnels. The project has enjoyed the same Government of the Maldives, and was also considered more environmentally friendly than the reclamation of land and construction techniques used in Dubai in recent years, the creation of its hotels on artificial islands. It seems then that the future of golf is really the prerogative of Maldives!.

Originally posted 2012-07-13 15:34:21.

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