Legoland Malaysia Theme Park Of The Famous Bricks In Asia

Legoland Malaysia Theme Park

Legoland Malaysia Theme Park

One more reason for a trip to Malaysia with family!. And at an advanced stage of construction on the playground at Legoland Malaysia Theme Park, and it seems that between September and October 2012 will open the new facility is located in the city of Johor Bahru. If you do not know the location, we point out that the city is located at the south of the Malaysian peninsula, very close to Singapore. This is the first realization Legoland outside of Europe and the United States, and represents an investment of around 185 million euros. The planned area of the park is 30 acres, where they will turn over 40 rides, plus other attractions and shows. The park can provide lots of opportunities to build objects, houses and prolific as your imagination will allow you, they can use to taste the famous plastic bricks.

Moreover, for all those concerned about the Malaysian heat, good news: the Legoland Malaysia Theme Park will also include some defense from the sun. specially designed, as many shelters can provide shelter from the sun in Malaysia, ensuring good ventilation. On the other hand being in the tropics can provide added value, since the climate is always summer, and an extraordinary abundance of greenery with more than 3500 trees that provide a cool shade as well as an impressive visual impact. The park Legoland Malaysia, once completed, will include seven thematic areas: “Miniland” will be the flagship of the fleet, with cities and places of interest throughout South East Asia, tuttif faithfully reconstructed with 25 million Lego bricks, all at a scale of 1:20. Among the various reproductions will not miss the true icons of Asia, as the site of Angkor Wat in Cambodia , the famous Taj Mahal in India, but also more modern buildings such as the Merlion, Singapore’s famous statue, and of course the Petronas Twin Towers, the symbol of Kuala Lumpur. Miniland will also have animated models that interact with one another.

The area “Imagination” will allow visitors, or rather “heroes” as the jargon Lego, build and play with Lego. In the technical area (Lego Technic) will challenge you on a roller coaster while Lego City will allow children to operate your boat and drive the car Legoland, of course not before they had obtained their driving license. Almost all rides and attractions will be interactive, so that visitors, especially children, will have the opportunity to push, pull, ride, ride, climb, crawl, splattered, in short, spend a day full of fun very active and non-stop . The park is collecting a lot of success, and are more than 5,000 annual subscriptions that have already been sold since bookings were opened, about two months. So for all those years planning a vacation in Malaysia , especially for families, meet at the Legoland park in Johor Bahru. The quickest way to reach it is probably to fly to Singapore or of Kuala Lumpur and from there rent a car or take a flight to your destination. Legoland Malaysia Theme Park.

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