Rafting On The Pai And Mae Taeng River Of Northern Thailand

Mae Taeng River

Mae Taeng River

Six days sailing on the rivers Taeng Mae and Pai, northern Thailand, to experience contact with the real Thai culture remained unchanged over time in this area. The journey starts from Chiang Mai, before reaching the Mae Taeng, considered one of the most adventurous rivers because of the numerous rapids, where they will begin the tour by boat accompanied by a guide.

It comes in the evening in the town of Pai for the night in a bungalow. The next morning we set off the Pai River where for three days using a special type of plastic boats to navigate the river, being driven from power for a comfortable journey during which to admire the animals and plants. Along the way are occasional groups of fishermen with nets, traps and guns for fishing craft plaa kang, a type of catfish. It will be interesting to see how they caught these fish are some of the main ingredients, along with rice, northern dishes.

Spend the night in the Karen tribe village, enjoying their hospitality and special dishes. This is a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in tribal life, learning how to design a house, rearing methods and how to weave colorful fabrics. The day after we arrive in the valley of Pai, an agricultural area with few villages, where they will set up tents for the night, an exciting and relaxing experience. The last two days are spent in Mae Surin National Park, a protected forest inhabited by wild animals. It is not unusual to encounter a family of monkeys doing somersaults on the trees, or herons, turtles and lizards that walk on the banks of the river. The night is spent in a bamboo hut in the forest, sleeping bags and mattresses.


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