Guide To Bangkok: The City With The Longest Name In The World



Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrata-nkosin Mahintharayutthaya Maha-dilokphop Nophosin Ratcha-thaniburirom Udomrathaniwetma-hasa amonphiman awatansathit Sakkathatiya Witsanukamprasit. It means: City of Angels, Great City of Immortals, Magnificent City of the Nine Gems, Throne of the King, City of Royal Palaces, House of the Gods Incarnate, Built by Visvakarman at behest of Indra. The Thais call it Krung Threp briefly, or “City of Angels”, and the name Bangkok , which arises from bang means “village by the river” and that kok “wild olive”.

Today the city is no longer a village on stilts, but a modern metropolis, vast, famous for the intensity and stress of everyday life that extends to the western mode, but at the same time remains bound to the Eastern traditions. Capital since 1782, in little more than two centuries has reached the surface of a province, hosting 10 million people, of different races and backgrounds. The traffic is really hysterical in Bangkok , and the smog mixed with the sultry tropical scares more than a tourist, but not make the mistake of running away from the city in search of a Thailand less neurotic, Bangkok retains all of the wonderful treasures of find out!.

The cheapest way to travel, and avoid traffic jams semi-permanent is the tuk-tuk, the evolution of the old motorized rickshaws, tightrope walkers, led by the traffic that can lead you in a few minutes with a couple of euros across the city. A quick visit even if you absolutely must include the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew, which contains the famous Emerald Buddha. The whole complex is of great charm, with temples, palaces, and highly-decorated svavillanti that will leave you speechless. Nearby stands the Wat Pho, the largest sleeping Buddha, laid more than 80 m in length!

Across the river stands the Wat Arun, a large prang (tower) covered with ceramic tiles, very impressive at sunset. All the way around the river channel, the muddy Chao Pra, is crossed by fast boats that take you through some very interesting paths. A must are the floating markets (floating markets) that although the markets are a dim memory of the past, still retain a unique charm with vibrant colors and sensual perfumes.

For shopping you consiglibale stroll along the streets of Chinatown, with its shops, especially jewelers, or visit the district of Bang Lamphu and along the Khao San Road. In the evening you can lead an interesting shopping at Suan Lum Night Bazaar or the Patpong Night Market, and on weekends should not miss the Chatuchak weekend market, rich and excellent prices.

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