Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: The Magnificent Park To Open In London

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the park was built to host the Olympics and Paralympics 2012. Since July 2013, with a huge cycling event, the park will open to citizens and visitors to the capital with an income that will create jobs, homes and green spaces contribute greatly to the economy of the English capital.

When athletes are in the starting blocks for London 2012 Olympic Games have already been extensively promoted the economy of the English capital during one of the toughest economic times in this century. Thanks to the Olympics, an entire city district of west London has been renovated to create 200,000 jobs, including employment of 32,000 unemployed Londoners and 8,000 long term jobs in Stratford Westfield as well as generating revenue of 2 billion pounds.

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will open to the public in July 2013 with an event of extraordinary – a two-day festival of cycling will involve 105,000 participants in two different competitions. The event will become an annual event – “This spectacular event will better understand what the 2012 Games will mark the beginning and not the end, the benefits that London will draw from the infrastructure we have created. We are already creating the conditions for which these structures will create long-term benefits for the capital is able to attract more visitors, create more jobs and help the economy “- says Boris Johnson. ‘Transport for London’ and ‘London & Partners’ will follow the relationships with various business partners for this event.

Thanks to the 2012 Olympic Games have been reclaimed hundreds of hectares of land becoming part of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. A portion of the Park will host a new neighborhood that will include the East Village. In this new urban area will be built up to 11,000 homes and commercial spaces created over one million square meters offering many business opportunities. Thanks to the work of the mayor of the city and the Olympic Park Legacy Company, London is the first city in the world to be able to plan long-term reuse of the structures crate for the Olympics and Paralympics.

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