Carnivals In Brazil: Rio, Salvador, Olinda, Recife And Sao Paulo

Carnivals In Brazil

Carnivals In Brazil

Carnival is an explosion of joy. During 5 days, Brazil becomes a spectacle of lights, sounds, rhythms and colors that make up the largest popular manifestation of the planet. The trios elétricos (electric cars) to Salvador da Bahia , the parade of Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, frevo in Pernambuco in the carnival of Olinda and Recife, it’s all a joy that has dragged through the streets, in clubs, in hotels, at sea and especially on faces, from north to south.

The Carnival is the unique symbol of the mixture that forms the Brazilian culture.

The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is the heart of the Brazilian carnival. This is the total explosion of joy carioca. This is the festival that gathers to itself the emotions, creativity, plasticity, colors, sounds, and a great imagination. This is the biggest public event in the world. It’s a unique image that symbolizes the union of all the cultures that exist in Brazil. The carnival is the time when the participants are transformed into the characters they created, with their customs, their history invented for the occasion and, of course, a lot of samba. This is what happens every year during Carnival. The carnival is made in the Sambadrome, in Rio de Janeiro. The first official parade of samba schools in Rio de Janeiro took place in 1935. Since then, the carnival has become a party in an increasingly professional to the point of becoming a millionaire show of luxury and beauty.

Carnival in Salvador, Bahia. One can not follow the rhythm of the trios elétricos in Salvador during Carnival. The trios are electric carts on which they are installed amp sounds – and thus become true walking stages – which run for three routes officially defined. Along the streets, more than two million foliões dance, jump around and have fun for the 25 km of streets and avenues.

Carnival of Olinda, Pernambuco. In Olinda , the carnival begins one week before the official date. The people come and go through the streets dragging enthusiastic people, who follows the traditional giant puppets. Transgression, creativity and joy make the Carnival of Olinda one of the most popular and democratic world. Just go on your way to becoming a folião to the rhythm of frevo.

Carnival of Recife. The festival begins on Saturday morning with a parade of the Galo da Madrugada (Rooster of the night), which was entered in the Guinness Book as the largest single group of foliões the world, because it attracts nearly a million participants. Similarly, the Carnival of Olinda, originality and a lot of sports entertainment. There are clubs frevo blocos, bois, caboclinhos, Maracatus, fantasias de ursos, Trocas and samba schools, all outdoors.

The Carnival of the City of St. Paul has grown significantly in recent years and is now considered the most beautiful Uniao carnival parades in the world. If you plan to visit the city at carnival time, you will discover a city stanamente quiet, with relatively little traffic on the roads, but rather a stage of explosive vitality of Samba Anhembi the place where you keep the varipinto carnival parade. The carnival starts with some simple “Escolas de Samba” schools but not official, but the big samba clubs that have thousands of affiliates and who have the task of warming the audience, before the best “Escola de Samba” enter the scene . Besides the parade, São Paulo’s nightlife is lively at carnival time, especially in the many. Night clubs in town. Also saw the great culinary tradition of the city, the carnival of St. Paul is the right opportunity to experience the best of Brazilian cuisine.

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