Andorra La Vella, The Highest Capital Of Europe

Andorra la Vella

Andorra la Vella

Andorra la Vella is the capital of the tiny principality of Andorra, a portion of territory in the Pyrenees on the border between Spain and France. The city, with its 25000 inhabitants, is the highest capital of Europe: it rises at an altitude of over a thousand meters above sea level. This region has been inhabited since ancient times-there is even talk of the Neolithic-but began to enjoy some historical significance since the time of Charlemagne, who tore this territory to the Muslims who then controlled by Spain. In the thirteenth century was established a feudal sovereignty shared between the bishop and the local accounts that allowed, even in later centuries, to maintain the independence of Andorra.

Only in 1993, during a specially organized referendum, the people have opted for a form of parliamentary co-principality independent and democratic. Over the past five decades the Principality and its capital Andorra la Vella (Catalan: the old) have developed greatly thanks to a banking system free of charge – thus a tax haven – and duty-free trade, as well as a ski center International.

The main street of the Andorra la Vella capital is the Avenida del Princep Benlloch, however, that changes the name in some parts of its course, while the heart of the city is the historic center, called Barri Antic. The neighborhood, unfortunately divided in two by the modern highway, is home to the ancient Església de Sant Esteve eleventh century, however, was made of old now many elements if not the ‘Romanesque apse, while the rest has been completely renovated. Certainly more interesting is the Casa de la Vall, built in 1580 as a private residence and later converted into the headquarters of the National Parliament, here is the Tribunal de Corts and the small hall of the Consell, the hall of the Parliament itself. And ‘possible to visit inside the building for free, preferably by booking a guided tour with a few days in advance. To the east of the center lies the Plaça del Poble, the roof of a modern building, where you can enjoy a fantastic view, here the locals are accustomed to meet in the evening.

In a suburban area in the district of Escaldes, we report the largest spa in Europe, the building, apparently a futuristic cathedral, is equipped with modern facilities and wellness treatments, and the complex houses inside a lagoon fed by hot springs that ensure a constant temperature of 32° C. In the immediate vicinity of the capital is the beautiful Museu del Tabac, just six kilometers from the city, housed in an old tobacco factory, while only two and a half kilometers south-west of the city center signals the ‘Església Santa Coloma de, dating back to the ninth century, but unfortunately almost all of the wonderful frescoes of the twelfth century, who were inside were transported to Berlin in the thirties in order to be properly preserved.

To reach Andorra La Vella, as well as with their own transport you can opt for one of the many buses that arrive at the main station in Avenida de Tarragona. For internal connections to the Principality, however, the buses make stops at bus stops to Plaça de Guillemò or Avenida del Princep Benlloch. Who came to town by car can leave their car in the parking lot below Plaça del Poble or to save a bit in the parking lot north of the bus station.

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