Edinburgh: Visit The Town And Castles In Scotland



An ancient town, with more than 3,000 years of history, developed as Rome around seven hills, Edinburgh is now a wonderful mixture of old and new, and is one of the most beautiful European capital is not fully discovered by international tourism.

To get to Edinburgh should fly directly in Scotland and rent a car, remember that help is on the left and you have to be careful, especially at roundabouts and intersections. If you have time available you can also groped the ride on the M1 from London, but the trip takes a couple of day, and attenzionead numerous radar sites along the way, the British did not joke in terms of safety!. Last alternative is the ferry, there are races of from Rotterdam to the center of England and Scotland, of course you should not suffer from sea sickness … The North Sea is unforgiving!.

Edinburgh is an amazing town, and everyone who visits it for the first time are pleasantly surprised both by the beauty of the buildings from the relaxed and cheerful city and its inhabitants. The city has two souls, the new city, a modern and the old town, superb, which together with its Castle is one of the most important historic sites across the United Kingdom.

The Castle of Edinburgh stands magnificent on top of a volcanic rock (Arthur’s Seat), and dominates the whole city becomes a real symbol of Scotland, whose pride is space in the summer in the famous Military Tattoo, held each year during the month of August. In the fascinating setting of the Castle, illuminated so wise sometimes suffused with color, sometimes bright, parading the various departments Scottish army, divided between traditional and modern, and with the legendary massed pipes and drums, bagpipes and drums of the department, the platoon from the most beloved people of Scotland.

The castle is divided into Upper and Lower Castle. The entrance is located along The Esplanade, end of the Royal Mile, and is quite spectacular with a door leading into the ticket, the lower castle is worth a careful visit, but you will inevitably attracted to the Upper Castle, which awaits you with its steep stairs but rewarded by splendid views of the city. The dynasty of Stewart became so great and powerful castle, but the story was to take its course and after the reign of Mary Queen of Scots events precipitated, and the ephemeral reign of James VI was the last of a King of Sozia. The castle passed to England and King Charles I was the last to reside in Edinburgh, which for almost 400 years waiting for the settlement of his king.

A legend says that we must wait for the snow of the mountain Ben Nevis (Highlands) remains at the top to cover up an entire year, but. because of global warming, it suggests that the wait will be extended again, long time … From visit to Edinburgh we also find the “Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh” which is surely one of the oldest botanical gardens throughout Great Britain . has a history of nearly 350 years, which is spread over an area of thirty acres. The free admission invites a visit, especially in summer when the long light days to invite the outdoors. The garden is located at Inverleith, which is located at the northern district of Stockbridge. It is an extraordinary oasis of peace within the city, and is also a center of world-famous botanical sciences. Spectacular is the beautiful Palm House, Ina greenhouse with palm trees, built in Victorian times, striking for its large size.

For those who enjoy walking and shopping, the historic center of Old Town offers its Victoria Street, with houses full of features shops, or where to find a bar and restaurant for a quick lunch or a tasty dinner in Scotland. Do not miss the nearby vegetable market (Grassmarket). The best time for a visit to Edinburgh is definitely the summer, when the long light days make it less gray days, even when it rains here, and he often does. Average summer day sees two of rain, for a total of 15-16 days of rain per month, a figure that reaches 20 during the winter months. Summer temperatures reach maximum values around 18° C with a minimum around 10 degrees Celsius, in winter the sea moderates the climate, with maximum values 6° C and minimum reach values close to zero degrees, relegating the cold inland areas of the Highlands

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