Sofia, Visit The New Capital Of The European Communities

Sofia Bulgaria

Sofia Bulgaria

Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe, founded by Thracian tribes in VII BC, who called Serdica. Sacked by Philip II and Alexander the Great in the fourth century BC, was conquered, three centuries later, the Roman consul Crassus. Destroyed by Attila in 441, was rebuilt by Justinian. In later centuries it was repeatedly attacked by the Slavic tribes. The Bulgars led by Khan Krum, took it in 809 and named Sredec. In 1018 the Byzantines were able to regain it (naming it triadic). But the city returned, after a short while, the Bulgarians. In 1329 he appeared for the first time the name Sophia. Attacked by the Turks in 1382, after the conquest of beilicato became the capital of Rumelia. Only in 1879 the Russians liberated, making it the capital of the principality of Bulgaria. From 1 January 2007, almost 1.4 million inhabitants have joined the European Community.

Where to stay?. We recommend one of the downtown hotels, or contact one of the many agencies that rent rooms with bath apartment. We do not recommend housing in the suburbs.

Where to eat?. The restaurants are called traditional mehanas (taverns open late), usually economic, preparing recipes, two soups: the tarator and Kurban corba. Among the meat dishes, the drob sarna, kebap. Excellent wines in general. For shoppers recommend muslin dresses, the pottery of Plovdiv and leather garments.

What to see in Sofia and its surroundings?. Behind the Balkan is the church of San Giorgio (III-IV century). Another interesting monument is the Byzantine church of St. Sophia built by Justinian. In the center of the city, imposing, the Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky, a memorial of 200 thousand Russian soldiers who died for the independence of Bulgaria .

Just 8 km by bus from Sofia, we recommend an excursion to the summit of Mount Vitosha (Vitosha), which dominates the city. Vitosha (see photo), the winter is a popular ski resort, while in the summer season has begun on a comfortable chair that will take you to the top where you can enjoy a panoramic view fantisco. Visit recommended weekdays, given the huge influx of local people over the weekend.

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