China Will Build The Tallest Tower In The World !

Sky City

Sky City

cgina, the world is being a real race to the construction of the tallest buildings on the planet, more economical, and your country or city with the rest of the Earth. In recent years the record of this race to the top had been the prerogative of Dubai, with the construction in just 5 years of the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa, which stands majestically over the Persian Gulf with its incredible height of 828 meters.

But Dubai, meanwhile, has suffered much the financial crisis and economic crisis, which effectively stopped the development plans of what was the most sparkling city in the first decade of the new millennium. Now is the Chinese decided to push toward tremendous growth, and a construction company announced that it will build a skyscraper in more than 10 meters high tower Khalifa, and will do so in just 90 days!.

It will be called Sky City, is a tower 838 meters high, and will be built in Changsha, the capital of Hunan, the company Broad Sustainable Building (BSB), which aims to destroy the records of the United Arab Emirates completing a work in just the Pharaonic 3 months time. Note that the cost will be relatively low, about 500 million euros, just over one third of the cost incurred in Dubai to build the skyscraper Burj Khalifa. This record, which is indeed rather difficult to achieve, it would be possible for the ‘use of prefabricated material, which would then only mounted and assembled on site.

The construction, which includes 220 plans, expected to begin in November 2012, with the tower being completed by January 2013. To give credibility to this impressive performance, the fact that at the end of last year the same BSB had erected a 30-storey hotel in just 360 hours, ie in 15 days exactly. And thanks to the innovative construction techniques to build safely count Sky City One respecting these times as ambitious: this means that 95% of the building is already practically built the factory and then assembled on site will be a bit like a huge jigsaw puzzle 3D!.

Besides being a building record, Sky City One has the ambition to be a work of building sustainable, given that use quadruple glazing and exterior panels from 15 inches thick to provide insulation. It is therefore expected that energy consumption will be only 1/5 of that of a similar building, but built in a classical way. The building will contain a hotel, a school, a hospital, as well as numerous offices, restaurants and shops, all accessible by 104 lifts well. How many people will? There is still no clarity on the figures, but he still speaks of substantial numbers, with about 30,000 residents but that can vary from 70,000 to 120,000 units, depending on the time! Truly a city in the sky, a real Sky City!.

But some critics were not lacking. Observers say the project is too ambitious: the original pine provided a tower of 666 meters and 175 meters lower than changes imposed by the local government, which wanted to increase strongly this claim the world record. This variation has thus brought considerable changes to the project, both in terms of cost and safety, and we see that may have repercussions on the economy of both construction and in the technical choices. Examples are the major problems encountered by the elevators in the building, the Burj Khalifa, caused by excessive length. However, still lacks the approval of the government of Beijing, the last hurdle to go, in 3 months, with construction to record!.

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