The Queen Elizabeth II Cruise Will Become A Hotel

The Queen Elizabeth II Cruise

The Queen Elizabeth II Cruise

The news comes from Dubai and covers The Queen Elizabeth II Cruise, one of the largest and most important Cruises prior to the service of His Majesty and then cruise: its current owner, the company Istithmar World has decided to start the project for its conversion to luxury hotel with 300 rooms. After having been part of the British fleet and bringing thousands of tourists on board with the move to Carnival Corp., the Queen Elizabeth II was bought in 2008 by the company which belongs to the president Sultan bin Sulayem. After being stopped for years at Port Rashid, now the Cruise is expected to return to a new life with the plan confirmed by the same company a few days ago.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Sultan bin Sulayem had received numerous offers for the sale of the vessel, especially when the economic crisis started to be felt in Dubai. The President, however, has resisted the temptation and took The Queen Elizabeth II Cruise, certain that sooner or later it would return to its former glory. Purchased for $ 100 million, the Cruise remained anchored and stops at the port, but is now set to become the center of a large redevelopment project not only for herself but also for Port Rashid.

“The Cruise is in perfect condition. The project will strengthen the tourism sector in Dubai, “these are the words of the Chairman Sultan bin Sulayem reported by the American newspaper.

The Queen Elizabeth II Cruise is destined to become a floating luxury hotel with 300 rooms after a work about 18 months for which at the time was not given a figure of expenditure. The idea is not new: the n China already last year was launched the restoration of an old Russian aircraft carrier, the Kiev, which will become a luxury hotel with attached casino.

The decision comes both to preserve a historic cruise but also to give new impetus to tourism in the country although there are already many luxurious facilities in Dubai, the rate of bookings is increasing. The data from the WSJ talking about a 74,4 percent, up from 70 percent the previous year. The transformation of The Queen Elizabeth II Cruise also served to redevelop Port Rashid, but all the attention is directed at the Cruise. The works include a renovation of the rooms and operations making it possible to dock the Cruise safely, but there will be no structural changes inside.

“There have been many ideas on how to make it completely different from what it once was, but we realized that a lot of people liked the Cruise as it is,” said bin Sulayem. So Dubai is preparing for a new adventure, to transform a historic The Queen Elizabeth II Cruise as a high-class hotel.

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