Cat’s Dream Hotel, A Five Star Hotel For Cats In Moscow

Cat's Dream Hotel

Someone has already left for the holidays, many will do so in the coming days, but there is one thing not to forget: the four-legged friends. This is just a few kilometers from Moscow was opened a 5-star hotel dedicated only to cats, the Cat’s Dream Hotel. The idea of an exclusive resort for feline friends meets the needs of the owners who often do not know where to leave their beloved creatures when they can not take them with you, but also to those of cats, used to a comfortable lifestyle where the pampering never fail.

The Cat’s Dream Hotel is not the first of its kind: in many countries there are luxurious facilities designed to accommodate the animals while the owners are away on business or vacation. Often these hotels and resorts designed for dogs and in this area there are many suggestions that you can try. It is not simple shelters but real luxury facilities where the animals have room for them all, gardens to socialize and run around happy, tailored food and all the pampering they need to not feel too the absence of their masters.

There are hotels with truly exclusive services which also includes limousine transportation, or the one with kennels bizarre and imaginative. For cats there are more and more similar structures: for cats is more difficult to leave their homes. Cats indeed become attached to their environment, they are much more territorial and this can be a problem for those who must be absent. At this try to compensate for structures such as Cat’s Dream Hotel offers luxury dog beds, heated floors in the winter and games of all kinds with which cats can have fun and distraction, even including aquariums with fish, to be admired to release stress abandonment.

Meticulous attention also to the food that ranges from the traditional to cats special menu with prawns, chicken, turkey and rabbit: all for a 5 star hotel with 5 * prices, so that the owner, Mrs. Galina Kivva, told which more than once have called people to book, not knowing that it was a hotel “special”, only for cats. Even Russia, and Moscow in particular, where the number of billionaires is increasing, it is premunita adequate facilities to accommodate the animals accustomed to a certain lifestyle. In any case, whatever your choice, we would like to launch an appeal: wherever you go on vacation, do not forget your pets. Do not leave them, dogs or cats to be. Cat’s Dream Hotel.

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