The Statue Of Liberty, Reopens To The Public After A Year Of Restructuring

The Statue Of Liberty

The Statue Of Liberty

Save The Date: October 28, the Statue of Liberty in New York City opened again to the public its magic inside!. There was no better way to celebrate the birthday of the symbol of the Big Apple, which this year celebrates 126 years well, very well worn thanks to restyling of $ 27 million is coming painfully to its conclusion.

Sunday, October 28th will be a real feast day in New York, and more specifically to Liberty Island, where you will be allowed again the public access to the pedestal observation levels (47 meters high) and under the big crown. Tourists can get inside the monument, and to the top, on a limited basis, partly because the restructuring will be completed by the end of the year, a small delay on the schedule, but that did not affect the re-opening of the historic Statue of Liberty.

The renovation of the monument includes a new elevator, new stairs and a lift suitable for the handicapped, which means that visitors in wheelchairs can now see the top of the pedestal and see in the interior of the statue. Unfortunately there is still no lift to the crown. To see visitors must book in advance and climb over 350 steps to the highest point. It is a unique experience, because of the 3.5 million people who see the statue every year, only about 240 per day will make this “trek” to the crown of the statue.

To see her today is hard to believe that the statue, 93 meters high (47 meters including the pedestal), was the tallest structure in the city of New York, when it was built in 1886. A curiosity: those who visit the interior of the statue on a windy day, to be held tight: according to the National Park Service, with winds in excess of 80 km/h the Statue of Liberty may have oscillations of 7-8 cm well!.

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