Stafford Hotel in London For An Exclusive Holiday

Stafford Hotel

The Stafford Hotel in London is now one hundred years and has designed a package to celebrate with their loyal customers the first century of life. Marks the number one hundred, as the cost of one hundred thousand pounds, but the treatment studied the structure is more than regal. In the heart of London ‘s Anniversary Package will be entitled to a stay of VIPs that will tickle the fancy luxury of tourists traveling to the capital. It starts from where guests will be greeted first in a private lounge of the arrival airport and then be escorted to the hotel on a luxury car, a choice between a Rolls-Royce, Jaguar and Bentley. The service includes the exclusive use of the car with driver choice during your stay, three nights at the hotel while a personal butler is at your disposal for any need, even more extravagant.

The creation of custom packages for the celebration of the most famous and luxurious is not new, in fact. We have seen many examples, such as the Trump International Hotel & Tower New York-Central Park: a way to celebrate with the guests of special events, giving you the chance to experience the hotel as never before. In the case of New York, the theme was the crystal: the Stafford Hotel in London has decided to highlight the ultra-luxury services offering a hundred years with the creation of a very special stay.

Guests reside either in the Penthouse Suite or the Guv’nor and receive any kind of attention from the hotel staff. A food and wine tour with lunch and dinner organized by the hotel restaurants to choose from, including the interior of the structure, and room service. For those who buy the Anniversary Package, the Stafford Hotel organizes an evening tasting in the cellars Stafford, built 380 years ago and retain the finest wines and champagne over luxury. Then it will be a special evening organized specifically for VIP guests with a customized dinner for a table of at least three people and a maximum of dieic: the menuda three or five course meal will be prepared by Chef Brendan Fyldes, while serving wines will be the sommelier Gino Nardella.

Not everything is seen that during the stay in Stafford Hotel, guests can take advantage of tailoring services Henry Poole, who sews custom clothing, jeweler Partick Wyatt and other goodies for a stay of luxury and relaxation. Finally, the famous star photographer Alistair Morrison will be at your disposal for the creation of a “memory album” personalized with a service worthy of celebrities: in short, everything you could want for a truly regal.

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