Missoni Cabanas Collaboration With Four Seasons Resort Maui

Missoni Cabanas

A new collaboration between Italian design and luxurious facilities. This time it’s Missoni signing two of the four cabins at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at the pool. The combination of the style of Italian fashion and luxury resort surrounded by lush tropical vegetation is an ode to the good life, born to give resort guests an exclusive experience. The floral fabrics which incorporate traditional stripes of the brand and the explosion of colors give the two cabanas with a cheerful atmosphere and refined to immerse yourself in order to enjoy the ultimate in relaxation.

The style and Italian design confirms a leader and conquer more and more new outposts in the world as we have seen with the choice of Bottega Veneta for suites at the Park Hyatt Chicago. The collaboration between Missoni and Four Seasons Resort Maui emphasize that the unique style of Italian companies will be able to give that extra touch to the rooms, made of high craftsmanship and aesthetics like few in the world.

“The concept behind the cabins Missoni at the Four Seasons Resort Maui is to offer the opportunity to try appiano lifestyle Missoni Home,” said Chris Philips, head of Missoni Home in New York.

La maison wanted to recreate an environment that is reflected in the landscape, inspiring the beauties of nature, as pointed out by Philips: “Our goal is to inspire people to live in the joy of color and pattern.” The choices indicate precisely this desire for color and joy with a careful choice of fabrics and furnishings in the style of the brand that emphasize the beauty of the place. Missoni then thought to pamper guests and also wanted to offer a personal machine for cappuccino, a refrigerator stocked the Italian gelato, San Pellegrino water and champagne, complete with toiletries and a book on the Missoni style and history of the house.

Each building also houses a 42-inch TV and internet access: In addition to facing the swimming pool of the resort, you can enjoy the panorama that opens the ocean. For guests also included gifts of fruit and flowers and spa services and spa with a cost of $495 per day.

“The style of Missoni is known to be chic, joyful and full of bright and vibrant colors,” said Stephanie Tisch, art director at Seraph in Miami. “When you consider the natural beauty of the Hawaiian landscape, Missoni and Maui are a perfect match”.

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