Where You Can Finding A Job and Visa In Mexico


Although the thought of giving up everything and leave the country tends to scare people, in fact there would be plenty of opportunities for those who are ready and willing to dive into the adventure of a new life in a country other than their own. The nations that can offer opportunities are many, and you will see that we can offer you many places where expatriates. Today is the turn of Mexico, a state that offers a wide range of opportunities, although some states are affected by the problems of crime cartel of drug traffickers, or other causes such as the record shows currently in Oaxaca and some time in Chiapas.

For Westerners in general, and therefore also for the Europeans, Mexico is a perfect destination for expatriates. For Europeans, and in particular for the Italians, a nation where they speak Spanish and also English is a simple solution from the point of view of language. Then its size, which means endless opportunities, and the low cost of living makes it perfect as a final destination to live, for all those trying to flee. In addition, like many other Latin cultures, the pace of life is much less hectic than ours, and this is a very important point for all those who come from Western countries.

What are the reasons to choose Mexico? First, for the same reasons why it is worth to come here as tourists, the beaches, the climate is extremely diverse areas can be found to suit all tastes climate, food among the world’s best tasting, the archaeological ruins and the its rich history. Then there may be reasons of economic opportunity and employment, which may argue for one or the other destination. For example, you can live in a city like Puerto Vallarta or Playa del Carmen, if you want to be sure to find all the services you need Western, or you can point you to a place like the city of Guanajuato city, in order to immerse themselves In his typically Mexican culture.

In particular on its Guanajuato, remember that being a UNESCO World Heritage City, the cost of living is about half that of a city average. Is it cheaper to eat in restaurants, shopping in supermarkets, as well as entertainment such as cinemas and discotheques. For those looking for a home, rent an average apartment in this area, if we are content with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, at a cost of about €600/month.

Among other suitable sites to change their lives, we must remember the colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, one of the pearls of Mexico. However, if you head in the region of Guadalajara, you will find a perfect climate, typically a spring continues for 10 months a year, with two months of summer, but never too hot. Not bad the Chapala area where there is the homonymous lake. Among the cities of the coast as well as the area above the Riviera Maya, we have the so-called peaceful on the Mexican Riviera, the cha is from Acapulco (a bit expensive) to Mazatlan instead is a seaside city with the lowest cost of living.

Find a job in these times of crisis, it is always complicated, and therefore also in Mexico is suffering a moment the adverse economic situation. However, the teaching market and private lessons do not have a high level of pay. However, there are employment opportunities in real estate, is growing very online business and therefore the development of the Internet creates new jobs, and there are Westerners here become divemasters, and are placed in the various resorts and seaside Mexican, remember that owns almost 10,000 km of coastline!

Getting a visa to work in Mexico is possible, but the approval process is quite long, as well as frustrating, and can also be expensive. If you do the standard tourist visa you can stay there 90 days and can be extended to 180 days if you go at the National Institute of Immigration. After this period, if you want to extend your stay there is a loophole: the law states that one can regain a tourist visa if you pass the border and wait 72 hours before returning across the border. Since, however, like most things in Mexico, there is no rule respected the way, it is possible that in some borders you will be able to come and go back in the same day. This as a function of mood of the official border!.

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