Basseterre, Trip To The Capital Of Saint Kitts And Nevis


Basseterre, the Capital Of Saint Kitts And Nevis. The life of the city is concentrated mainly around the area of The Circus, a roundabout inspired by the most famous Piccadilly Circus in London, Victorian-style, in the middle of which stands the Berkeley Memorial Clock, a small green tower with a clock on each side. The city has many colonial-era buildings such as the Ministry of the Treasury (Treasury Building) or the Government House, a building of 1834, which was initially the home of a wealthy merchant and then became the seat Archdeacon in 1842 and today the building is became the official residence of the Governor. The Treasury Building, in front of the sea, is a clear testimony of the colony and of times gone by, and through its arches are ideally pass all goods and all those who have arrived or departed from St.Kitts.

On Independence Square (named after obtaining Independence in 1983) is a Georgian House dating back to the late eighteenth century, within its cells were stored before being transferred to the slaves on the plantations. Formerly owned several times during the last two hundred years, now belongs to a wealthy man who rented a luxury restaurant.

Like many other churches in the Caribbean, including the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Basseterre, better known as Notre Dame Cathedral, was built by French Jesuits in 1670 but destroyed by a fire set by the British in 1706 and subsequently rebuilt in 1710 as the Anglican Church. With the new name of St.George’s, became a place forbidden to Catholics. Seriously damaged by hurricanes and earthquakes (the famous one of 1842), the church presents itself to the visitor today is dated 1856, although restored on several occasions after the inevitable passage of tropical cyclones. Visited right into the bell tower, is a recommended visit for those who wish to enjoy a great view of the island.

Leaving the city, a few kilometers south-east of Basseterre is presented in all its beauty Frigate Bay, St.Kitts, its long white sandy beach with bars and restaurants and is the perfect place to indulge the typical activities of sea life such as water sports or simply to relax. To reach the small Caribbean nation, the Robert L.Bradshaw International Airport, located in the north-east of the city, is connected directly to Europe via London and a number of North American cities such as Miami and New York, as well as many others during the period of high season. You can also visit by traveling on cruise ships that dock at Port Zante, in the center of the bay. Finally, there are, for travel between the two main islands, with regular ferry connections between the ports of Basseterre (St. Kitts) and Charlestown (Nevis), offered by various companies.

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