Graz, Tour Between 12 Christmas Markets In Austria

Graz Christmas market

Graz, capital city of Culture and UNESCO City of Design and Capital Tastes may also apply as the capital of Christmas markets, because here we find just a dozen, all themed and all located within the city center. Here is a tour to discover the most beautiful corners of the city, reaching the 12 places where Christmas is celebrated in the Styrian capital. It could be from the Schlossberg, the hill that dominates Graz and where you can enjoy a great view. Here is a market place specifically dedicated to craftsmanship of Styria, very interesting. Recall that the Schlossberg is easily accessible with an elevator or with the appropriate cable car.

A second market Mehlplatz meet him on the square, which according to the locals are at the center of the so-called “Bermuda Triangle”. This part of the center is so called because many tourists literally disappear around in the most in the city. Here you will find stalls displaying crafts such as glass, wood, then move on to the felt and wool. Then just a short walk, and at the Fäberplatz we run in the third market, ideal for those looking for ideas for Christmas decorations, notice the magnificent Christmas tree balls in glass, richly decorated by hand.

The poker of markets can achieve in Glockenspielplatz, where specialties not to be missed are those feasting near the famous carillon, characterized by a pair of dancers in traditional Styrian, and a nice golden cockerel, you can enjoy the local delicacies: by sausages, sweets typical of Austria, from mulled wine to the heady scents of cinnamon and ginger. Once recharged the batteries can head to the main square, home to the Christmas market, the Christkindlmarkt, almost in front of the city hall. Besides the more traditional wooden stalls, full of gifts and handicrafts, the scene of many events and concerts, many of which are specifically organized for children.

Here you cannot but notice the huge Advent calendar, which is projected on the wall of the facade of the local town hall, with a box revealed every day until Christmas Eve. But let’s get to the markets of Graz: a new entry is that of the market Joanneumsviertel, which will be housed in the new museum district, while a charity Christmas market will be held at the Eisernen Tor, where spending will mean charity.

Other markets available to Graz you will find them at the Tummelplatz, where the atmosphere of Christmas will be celebrated by street artists, with jesters and wandering while changing the banks of the river Mur, you will find a young market at Mariahilferplatz, perhaps the most original and whimsical of throughout the city. There are also markets specifically dedicated to children: first, the Altgrazer Christkindlmarkt, which as the nameis the oldest Christmas market, while at the Franziskanerviertel, younger guests will find plenty of games as well as a crib size, with a lot of sheep. Do not miss the mini stalls (size of children) at the Neutorgasse, which will feature a Ferris wheel that will look out of a tale of the last century, as well as finding a train of fairy tales, carousel horses, and a huge game of goose.

We close the show with the latest winter delights of Graz : Karmeliterplatz find at an ice skating rink, and you can indulge in DIY entering the large stand, equipped to do it yourself, and where you make fun games. Then do not miss the great Nativity Ice, 500 pounds of clear ice, which are sculpted by master of sculpture in the courtyard of the Landhaus, a baroque jewel Styrian: if you arrive in the early days of Advent will sees the sculptors at work, creating the nothing magic.

A touch of color: if you see shady characters, do not panic, and reassure the children are treated the Perchten and Krampus, scary masks reminiscent of devils, and that served as esoricismo of evil and its temptations, but which are now of the main parts of the Styrian folklore.

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