Hamilton, Trip To The Capital Of Bermuda

Hamilton Bermuda

Originally the island was smaller but just the construction of the (first military) has increased the size of the island to give space to the slopes. Here even more to receive flights from the U.S. and Canada, but there is a direct connection with England, London Gatwick.
In busy periods, in summer, the airport can handle less than 40 daily flights, with an influx of about one million passengers a year. From here to get to Hamilton it takes about a half of hour.

Hamilton is located on Main Island, the main island of the archipelago with over 130 islands, but some like to call the main island by the name of Great Bermuda, Hamilton was chosen for the landing better than St. George, repaired but easy to reach, and now the big ships Cruise continue to arrive in Hamilton Harbour, coming from Dundonald Channel, passed the rocks to two rocks passage to the great port. A note of The Tourist: Hamilton is located in the province of Pembroke, while the province of Hamilton is located in the eastern part of the Main Island, sometimes there is a risk of confusion.

What to see in Hamilton?
Not far from the Ferry Terminal is Fort Hamilton. which is a good vantage point from where get an idea of the size of the capital. Built in the mid 800 had as its purpose the defense of the city during the wars of secession from the United States and England, is now a beautiful park to visit. The Cathedral, built in neo-gothic style is very pleasant, it is the most important historical monument, to the point that they will defend the Bermudan symbol, preventing the law that is built taller buildings of its spiers.

The shopping center and most vibrant city of Hamilton consists of Front Street, the promenade overlooking the Ferry Terminal, and other downtown streets form a grid orthogonal mesh which is the heart of Hamilton. In a few hundred meters you have available the best shops, the most interesting buildings such as the Session House (parliament), the City Hall as well as the Cathedral, all buildings located along Church street.

Where to stay in Hamilton?
Undoubtedly the most prestigious hotel is The Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel, which was inspired by Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria. It is in operation since January 1, 1885, just to inaugurate the tourist fortune of Bermuda which was defined as the islands of eternal spring just by Princess Louise. Typically Victorian in fact the setting that features 410 rooms (including suites) hotel.

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