5 best places to visit in Cambridge

University of Cambridge

Cambridge is a university town located in the county of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. It receives travelers at all times of the year, both in the summer as well as in the winter and can be explored by travelers of diverse backgrounds with a great deal of comfort.

University of Cambridge
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Like the English city of Oxford, the city of Cambridge is also home to a world famous university, which is even older than the University of Oxford even though the two appear to have made their entry into the world education scenario at the same time. The international student population at the university is quite large in size and one can find students from the African and the Asian continents studying here in large numbers.

Christ Church

This is a scenic church in the city of Cambridge and is of a Romanesque architectural style. The church opens its doors to visitors from ten in the morning and remains open till seven in the evening. There are no tickets to be bought for the purpose of entry and cameras can be used quite freely inside of the church. Prayer service is held every Friday and Sunday and the church can be accessed using the rental car services.

The Fitzwilliam Museum
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This is a renowned museum situated in the city of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and is a place that you can visit if you have access to the hired car services. The museum contains important information about the history of the city and can be visited at any time between ten in the morning and six in the evening. The museum does not allow visitors to use cameras inside of the museum at all.

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Great St Mary’s Church
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This is quite a popular church for travelers to visit in the English city of Cambridge and is a Roman Catholic Church. The atmosphere which prevails inside of the church is one that is quite peaceful and it is best to visit this church on a weekday morning when it is absolutely empty. The paintings and other art forms inside of the church are those which date back to the period of the English reformation.

Second World War Memorial

The Second World War Memorial in the city of Cambridge is a place that you can visit in order to see the graves of those who had lost their lives in the course of the Second World War. The Memorial accepts flowers to be given on the part of all those who come here. Silence has to be observed at the memorial and cameras cannot be used to take pictures at this particular destination in Cambridge.

Other Places to Visit in Cambridge

Museums and Art Galleries: The Polar Museum, the Folk Museum, the Whipple Museum for the History of Science, Museum of Classical Archaeology, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and the University Museum of Zoology

Shopping: King’s Parade, Cambridge University Art, the Cambridge University Press Bookshop

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