5 Must see places to Visit in London

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London is one of the finest destinations that one can possibly visit in the continent of Europe and is the capital of the country of the United Kingdom. The city receives travelers from various corners of the globe at all times of the year, even in winter.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace 300x225 - 5 Must see places to Visit in London
This is the official residence of the Queen of England and is a place that is known to attract travelers from morning until evening. The palace is of a massive size and is characterized by picturesque gardens with lakes. The royal guards situated at the entrance of the palace constitute one of the tourist attractions over here as well and often people are known to flock here to watch the change of the palace guards taking place.

Westminster Abbey
westminster abbey london 222x300 - 5 Must see places to Visit in London
This is one of the most famous churches in the city of London in the United Kingdom and is known to be the resting place for many great Englishmen. Examples of well known people who have been laid to rest over here include Henry Tudor and the English Romantic poet William Wordsworth. The church opens from nine in the morning and remains open until seven in the evening. Cameras are permitted inside of the church for tourists.

Piccadilly Circus
piccadilly circus london 300x225 - 5 Must see places to Visit in London
This is an entertainment destination in the city of London and is the perfect place to visit if you are travelling with your friends and loved ones particularly your children. There are some fun rides that you can get up on when you visit this place, such as the giant ferris wheel. Entry to this destination is quite cheap and you can also get to avail of an exotic variety of junk food when you arrive over here. Some of the popular junk food outlets which you can get to come across over here include McDonalds and KFC and even Burger King, all of which are in high demand.

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The River Thames
the river thames in london 300x225 - 5 Must see places to Visit in London
The river Thames is one of the most well known attractions in the capital city of London in the United Kingdom. There are regular boat rides for travelers which you can avail of over here. The boat rides are quite safe and you can get up with as many as five people on a single boat. Fishing is permitted on this river and you can enjoy a fabulous fishing experience, for a meager price, by using one of the boats for hire.

Big Ben
Big Ben london 207x300 - 5 Must see places to Visit in London
This is a large clock that is located right at the heart of the city of London and is one of the most impressive monuments that one can come across in this city. The clock is one which is more than five hundred years old and you can take pictures of it from the outside as well as the inside. This is a place which can be visited at any time of the day.

Other Places to Visit in London

Religious Monuments: Church of England

Parks and Gardens: London Zoological Gardens

Shopping: Harrods and Bond Street

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