5 Must Visit Churches in Europe


Europe is  the destination known for churches, cathedrals and castles. So, be it a small hamlet, big city, churches are the landmarks for both old towns and new towns as they tell a story. Europe has witnessed wars, events, natural disaster and these churches are not only symbol of city, but they reflect architecture and atmosphere. Here are some of the finest churches in the Europe.


Westminster Abbey, London– If you are visiting UK and not going to this church, you’re surely missing something big. It is referred as a Gothic monument and the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster. According to a certain legend, the church was built on a site known as Thorn Island. A fisherman called Aldrich saw a vision of St Peter from the Thames river, which prompted tradition of the fisherman gifting the Abbey salmon.

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Notre Dame De Paris– It is a tall church in France and it is basking in the evening light. This 12th century Gothic cathedral is situated on the Ile De La Cite, an island located in the Paris. This church houses religious relics, and has around 390 steps on the top that takes you across the spiral staircase from where visitor can enjoy the panoramic view of Paris.

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Basilica De Sacre Coeur– This church is located in France. It is one among the most beautiful and serene churches in Paris, the basilica is on the top of the Montmartre, highest point of the city. This monument looks amazing against the built sky. It is built of travertine, a kind of limestone that adds color to the monument. One can even walk to the dome and view Paris.

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High Cathedral of St Peter, Germany– This is the most towering church located close to the landmark of Cologne in Germany. It is the 13th century world heritage site that is left midway through the construction during the medieval times. This Gothic church is one among the largest façade in the world. The work restarted after almost 400 years ago in the 19th century. Although the city was not devastated during the World War II, this cathedral didn’t collapsed at all. You can climb up and enjoy the spectacular view of river Rhine.

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St Peter Basilica Vatican, Italy– This is awestruck church located in the Papal Basilica of St Peter in the Vatican. When you enter the St Peter Square, iconic dome stand out apart against all the monuments. One of the largest and sacred church in the world. The architecture of Renaissance and it has been designed by slew of the architects like Michelangelo.

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