5 places to visit in Hong Kong

Tien Shan Buddha Statue hong kong

The city of Hong Kong is a fabulous place to visit in the continent of Asia and you can make your way to this destination in the event that you want to immerse yourself in Asian culture and history in the best way possible.

Tien Shan Buddha Statue
Tien Shan Buddha Statue hong kong 300x199 - 5 places to visit in Hong Kong
This is one of the most impressive structures in the Chinese city of Hong Kong and is a place that you ought to visit when you are a tourist in this city. This is a really large statue of the Lord Buddha and was constructed several hundred years ago by his followers. The site can be accessed at just about any hour of the day and there are no restrictions on photography for travelers over here.

Museum of History
Hong Kong Museum of History 16 300x225 - 5 places to visit in Hong Kong
The Museum of History in the city of Hong Kong is located in the area of Kowloon and is known to house the history of the city right from the time that it came into existence up to the present day. The Museum of History is open to travelers of all possible budgets and tickets to this museum are those that are quite reasonably priced. The ideal time to visit the museum would be between ten to twelve am in the morning, when it is quite empty.

The Toy Museum

The toy museum in the city of Hong Kong is one of its kind and one will be sure not to find anything along these lines in any other part of the world. The toy museum was conceived primarily for the entertainment of children and one can find out about the history of Chinese toys when they visit this place in the Chinese city of Hong Kong.

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Visual Arts Center

The visual arts center in the city of Hong Kong is a place that lovers of aesthetics often visit. Ancient, medieval and contemporary forms of Chinese art can be found over here. The Visual Arts center is a place that is easily accessible and if you opt for the services of the rental cars in the city you can get to this place without difficulty. You need to remember however that you cannot take pictures inside the center and if you do so, this is something that is punishable by law.

Sai Kung Peninsula
Sai Kung Peninsula hong kong 300x168 - 5 places to visit in Hong Kong
This is a breathtaking natural destination near the city of Hong Kong and is famous for its sunset point. The Sai Kung Peninsula can be visited with the help of taxis for hire. It should ideally be visited in the early hours of the morning as the sunrise is as lovely as the sunset over here. The coastal scenery and the mountainous terrain are both very spectacular sights to behold over here. Sometimes travelers are known to carry out picnics over here with their family members. In this event, littering should be avoided.

Other Places to Visit in Hong Kong

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