5 Popular Places to Visit in Bangkok

Emerald Buddha

The Thai capital destination of Bangkok is a wonderful place that you can visit if you are looking to enjoy an exotic holiday in the continent of South East Asia. Bangkok is a historical destination and is characterized by a number of old structures and houses.

The King’s Palace
The King’s Palace bangkok 300x199 - 5 Popular Places to Visit in Bangkok
The King’s Palace is one of the most well known places that you can visit when you arrive at the city of Bangkok in the country of Thailand. The King’s Palace is the residence of the King of Thailand, the country of Thailand being a constitutional monarchy. The Palace can be viewed from the outside only and tourists are seldom ever granted access to the interiors of the palace. Sometimes members of the royal family can be viewed over here.

National Museum
National Museum bangkok 300x199 - 5 Popular Places to Visit in Bangkok
The National Museum in the city of Bangkok is one place which you could consider visiting simply to learn about the amazing history of this beautiful country. This is a museum that houses the history of the country right from the time that it came into existence up to the present day. The museum opens from ten in the morning and remains open until six in the evening. Entry is quite cheaply priced and is affordable for all.

Museum of Siam

Museum of Siam bangkok 300x200 - 5 Popular Places to Visit in BangkokThis is a museum that you can go ahead and visit only if you are interested in the art and culture of Siam in particular. This is mostly ancient and medieval art and you need to have an aesthetic eye in order to be able to appreciate the items that are placed in the various exhibits of this particular museum. Tourists are not allowed to take cameras inside, not even for a special price.

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Emerald Buddha
Emerald Buddha - 5 Popular Places to Visit in Bangkok
The Emerald Buddha in Bangkok constitutes one of the most famous of tourist attractions in the country of Thailand and is a sight that will leave you wondering in amazement. This is a structure of the Lord Buddha in sleeping posture and is made entirely of emerald. The statue is open for all to view and travelers can visit this structure any time between the early hours of the morning to the late hours of the evening. In the evening hours, lights are lit around the structure, giving it a very special appearance indeed.

The Queen’s Art Gallery

Any lover of art and culture in the city of Bangkok ought to make his or her way to the Queen’s Art Gallery. This is a place which houses works of modern contemporary art. Entry is not expensive and cameras are not allowed to be taken inside on the part of visitors. The Gallery is centrally located and one can make use of the rental car services that are available in the city in order to get to this tourist destination without losing one’s way about the city.

Other Places to Visit in Bangkok

Monuments: Wat Arun and the Golden Mount

Parks and Gardens: Lumphini Park and Santichaiprakarn Park

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