5 popular Places to Visit in Toronto

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Toronto is the capital of the country of Canada and is located in the state of Ontario. It is situated in the heart of the country and is known to attract travelers from all over the world, the majority of who hail from the country of America.

Royal Ontario Museum
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This is a popular sightseeing destination in the city of Toronto and is a place that you can visit on all days of the week except for a Sunday when it is closed. The Royal Ontario Museum houses the history of the entire province of Ontario. The Royal Ontario Museum is best visited in the early hours of the morning as this is the time when the museum is relatively empty and can be explored at peace.

The Ontario Science Exhibit

This is an interesting destination to visit for those who are fond of science and technology. The Ontario Science Exhibit contains a rainforest model which tourists like to view. It also contains a model of a tornado. The Ontario Science Exhibit is located in the heart of the city and you can easily reach this place with the help of the rental car services, the drivers being well versed with this location in Toronto.

CN Tower
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This is a massive structure in the Canadian city of Toronto and when you view this tower you get overcome by a feeling of breathlessness. The tower is meant to signify the developmental achievements of the city and it can be viewed free of cost, without paying any money at all. You can use the public transportation services in the city in order to make your way to the CN Tower and view it in all its glory.

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Spadina House
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This is a mansion that dates back to the period of the late nineteenth century in Canadian history. The interiors of the mansion are those that are done up in quite a lavish manner and you can spend the entire day exploring the interiors of this mansion. The Spadina House also has very beautiful gardens at the front and the back, both of which have fountains. A meager sum of money has to be paid in order to be granted an entry to this lovely manor house.

Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art in Toronto

Ceramic art is indeed a unique art form and when you visit the Gardiner Museum in the country of Canada you get to see this art form exhibited in a variety of different ways. The Gardiner Museum for ceramic art which is situated in the capital city of Toronto is open at all times of the year, even in the holiday season when museums are normally closed. The architecture of the building is that which is typical of contemporary architectural forms and there is a lot of space for visitors to walk about, inside.

Other Places to Visit in Toronto

Monuments: Roger’s Center and the Hockey Hall of Fame

Parks and Gardens: The Toronto Zoo

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