5 top places to visit in Singapore

Singapore Aquarium

Singapore is a beautiful city to visit in the continent of South East Asia. It is a First World country even though it is situated in Asia and attracts visitors from various parts of the world and at all times of the year as well.

The Skyscrapers
Skyscrapers singapore 300x199 - 5 top places to visit in Singapore
One of the most well known tourist attractions for travelers in the city of Singapore are the enormous skyscrapers which are spread all over the city area. Orchard Road in particular has an abundance of such skyscrapers most of which are major shopping malls and bistros where tourists can wine and dine and also engage in budget shopping. The Skyscrapers are a marvelous sight to behold and look especially beautiful in the evening hours when they are lit up from within.

Singapore Harbor

The Singapore Harbor is a lovely place which you can visit when you make your way to the fabulous city of Singapore in South East Asia. This harbor area is a place where you can watch the ships go sailing by and also indulge in consuming deliciously cooked seafood items. It is a perfect destination for you to have a romantic dinner with the skyscrapers in the background. Sometimes fireworks are displayed in the bay area.

Singapore Aquarium
Singapore Aquarium 300x201 - 5 top places to visit in Singapore
The city of Singapore is known for a vast aquarium which is home to more than five hundred varieties of aquatic creatures. Tourists can procure easy access to this aquarium and they can also get to partake in diving activities when they are inside of this particular aquarium. Swimming with the sharks is in particular a lot of fin and can be done by travelers who are well versed with swimming and are not afraid of getting into deep water.

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Singapore China Town
Singapore China Town 300x225 - 5 top places to visit in Singapore
The city of Singapore is very well known for being host to a Chinese population of substantive size. All travelers to the city invariably make their way to the China Town where one can come across Chinese restaurants and bistros selling the most exotic forms of Chinese food. The food items in the china town are those that are quite cheap and one does not have to exhaust one’s budget in order to be able to afford the food over here.

Zoological Gardens of Singapore
Zoological Gardens of Singapore 300x200 - 5 top places to visit in Singapore
The zoological gardens in the city of Singapore are a favorite destination for travelers to the city, largely because of the fact that some of the most endangered species of plants and animals can be found over here. One can come across animals like the gorilla, the platypus and even seals at the zoological gardens in the city of Singapore. Cameras are allowed inside for a special price, which needs to be paid prior to entry. Children in particular are provided with a special discount at the time of the entry.

Other Places to Visit in Singapore

Religious Places: Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple

Parks and Gardens: The Southern Ridges and the Japanese Gardens

Museums: Museums near the Singapore River Area.

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