Ankara, The Capital Of Turkey Sights


Ankara - Ankara, The Capital Of Turkey Sights

Ankara, the ancient name from the famous Angora wool produced here, is the capital of Turkey since 1923. Just for this, is the seat of government, ministries, embassies, universities, etc. Typically, a day is considered sufficient for a visit, even if stopping a few more days will allow you to discover the best. The low fertility of ancient ruins and interesting museums to visit. Finds have been recovered prior to 1200 BC Hittite, Roman ruins in the area of Ulus, the ancient city of Gordion and remain impressive buildings of 1800. For travelers more interested in modern history, interesting is the Anit Kabir, the monument to Atatürk.

Ankara can be reached by plane, train and bus, as well as by car. The main airport is to Esenboğa, 33 miles north of downtown. By bus, it is accessible from all major cities of the country, the largest bus station ASTI is the western terminus of the line Ankaray underground, 4.5 km west of Kizilay. The trains between Istanbul and Ankara are the most advisable, although it is often slow.

Once in Ankara, visit the unique Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, which occupies the best finds from major archaeological excavations in the country. The museum is housed in a restored covered market of the fifteenth century, whose central area is topped by 10 domes. Here you will find evidence of the oldest settlements in Turkey, from the Paleolithic period and throughout the history of conquests and kingdoms that have taken place in this country.

Alongside the museum will find the Hisar or citadel (Ankara Kalesi), reached by going up the hill. The interior walls date from the seventh century AD, and those internal to the ninth century AD. Another highlight is the monumental mausoleum of Ataturk, the Anit Kabir. The structure includes towers, avenues with statues, museums, etc. Other sights include the Roman Baths in the third century, the Column of Julian, the Temple of Augustus and Rome.

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Interesting museums are the Museum of Ethnography south of Ulus, a true treasure kept inside a building in white marble of the post-Ottoman (1925), the Museum of the War of Independence, the Republic Museum and Railway Museum. True to its traditions, Ankara has mosques and hamam. The mosque is the most venerated Haci Bayram Camii, near the Temple of Augustus and Rome . The great Kocatepe Camii is instead of newly built and is one of the largest mosques in the world. Located in the southern part of town, Çankaya, you’ll find the thin Atakule tower, topped by a revolving restaurant. At the foot of this tower will also find botanical gardens that are worth a visit.

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