Antalya, Holiday On The Mediterranean Coast Of Turkey


Antalya - Antalya, Holiday On The Mediterranean Coast Of Turkey

Antalya is a large modern city that dominates the Gulf of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, which has a pebble beach that stretches to the mountains Bey. It boasts fine museums, bars, restaurants and nightclubs, while retaining the old quarter of Kaleiçi, the center of the historic Roman-Ottoman. Antalya is accessible by plane and bus. Nearby, visit Perge, Aspendos, Side, Termessos, Phaselis and Olympos.

In the cities visited Yivli Minare, unusual Seljuk minaret of the beginning of the thirteenth century, which today houses the Gallery of Fine Arts from the same period is the monastery of the Whirling Dervishes or Mevlevi Tekke, near the clock tower and there are two tombs of the fourteenth century. From here you can enjoy spectacular views of the bay, the Bey Mountains and Kaleiçi, the old city.

Immerse yourself in the old then: you will find mosques (the Tekeli Mehmet Paşa and Korkut); elegant Ottoman house, restored and converted into guesthouses and shops, the Roman port, restored in the 80s and used boats for excursions and surrounded by expensive restaurants, taverns and shops, the Kesik Minaret, Minaret or Reciso, which originally (second century) was a Roman church, then converted into a Byzantine church and finally into a mosque in the thirteenth century, and the Hidirlik Kulesi, a tower of the first century AD the ancient city walls, 14 m high, Hadrian’s Gate (Hadrianus Kapisi) or three doors, and finally take a walk in the park Karaalioglu.

Visit the museum in Suna and Inan Kıraç of Kaleiçi, where you will find rooms devoted to family life during the Ottoman period, Turkish ceramics retained the charming ex-greek-orthodox church of Aya Yorgo (St. George), and photographs. Outside the center there is the Museum of Antalya, with fossils, works of art of the classical and then Christian mosaics Turkish, Ottoman-era ethnographic material and a large coin collection.

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Like every Turkish city, even Antalya has its own hammam: the Balik Pazari Sefa Hamam Hamam and have been restored recently. However, you can have fun even in the largest water park in the modern Middle East, Dedeman Aquapark. But the fame of the resort destination of Antalya is not derived from this course, but from its beautiful beaches, the most are the pebble Konyaalti Plaji night and far more beautiful Lara Plaji. Enjoy boat trips to visit the Gulf, other beaches and the Lower Duden waterfalls.

Nearby, you can visit the site Termessos , within the Gulluk Mountain National Park, with its ruins of temples, theater, agora, gymnasium, necropolis and tombs. In the cave of Karain, however, the archaeological evidence found that this site was continuously occupied for 25,000 years, a museum exhibition as there was found. Perge , 15 km from Antalya , is a very old city, of which there are numerous ruins, the theater, stadium, baths, agora, Hellenistic and Roman doors and the impressive colonnaded street.

Aspendos , home of the Hittite empire (800 BC), was called Pamphylia. The ruins visible today are of Roman origin: the theater of the first century, the fairest of the Hellenistic and Roman theaters in Anatolia, the stadium, the agora, basilica and the aqueduct. Twelve kilometers south of Antalya , Lara, you can see (after rains) the plunge of the river is the Dünen (Duden) in the sea. This is one of the few waterfalls in the world, a river that flows into the sea. Selge is the site of an ancient Roman town, nestled in a spectacular panorama of mountains, rock formations that resemble those of the southwestern United States (the Koprulu Kanyon). In the area you can also go rafting and hiking, both in canoe and on foot.

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