The Most Beautiful Beaches In Corsica


Corsica is a paradise for lovers of sea and mountain! The island, from the geological point of view, it is practically carried a fragment of the Alps in the middle of the western Mediterranean, and this helps to create geographic features breathtaking views of mountains that are thrown headlong into a crystal clear waters. There […]

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Tour To The Islands Of Java, Bali And Sulawesi In Indonesia

Bali Dance

The really wonderful country Indonesia, and certainly unique in it’s macroscopic geographical fragmentation, resulting in significant environmental variety, ethnic and cultural. This country of south-east Asia, cut from equator, is actually composed of an unspecified number, but exorbitant, the islands, so much so that even the geographical texts agree: some say 13,677, some 17,508, some […]

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Top 10 Train Stations In Europe


There are those who still thinks the best way to travel: see the scenery move quickly, but gradually, for many it is better than using the aircraft, its speed with which catapults you into a world different from yours, but without being see the intermediate steps. The train has inspired many travelers, and travel writing […]

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Weekend To Budapest


The first tip to visit Budapest on a budget can not be that Gerbeaud pastry. For several reasons. First because it is active since 1858 and has gone unscathed for a century and a half of history. Secondly, because it is the best of Budapest. Third, because if your budget is limited, lost a step […]

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