Brussels Flower Carpet: A Carpet Of Begonias Will Cover The Grand Place

Brussels Flower Carpet

Brussels Flower Carpet - Brussels Flower Carpet: A Carpet Of Begonias Will Cover The Grand Place

This year, at the height of summer, ie between 14 and 19 August, the city will once again present his astonishment, the carpet of flowers of Begonia (Flower Carpet 2012). And since 1971 that Brussels hosts a very colorful and energizing festival to celebrate the most beloved flower of Belgium, the Begonia for the note, and every two years, a huge carpet of flowers created in the city center is amazing. Every time you honored a different theme, which attracts a lot of tourist attention, and of course, the artistic talent of local horticulturists is complemented by other shows and events, creating a fantastic party.

Officially, the tradition of floral carpet began in 1971, the Grand-Place in Brussels , but there have been many similar carpets made earlier in other parts of Belgium. The tradition then existing, was perfected by a floral architect, E. Stautemans. He adored begonias believing they were perfect, and came up with a variety of colors and shades, easy to work long and resistant. His reputation grew so great that he was invited to present his floral creations throughout Belgium, as well as Cologne, Hamburg, Paris, London, Amsterdam, since also in Buenos Aires.

S 2012 edition of the carpet of begonias preparations were developed for almost a year. Preparations started with scale models, studying closely the development in size. The amount of flowers that will be used is almost astonishing. Each square meter will consist of approximately 300 individual flowers, creating a staggering total of 700,000 flowers carpet. Theme of 2012 will be Africa that will be celebrated with floral patterns that reproduce the typical reasons of tribe Etoipia, Congo, Nigeria, Botswana and Cameroon,

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Begonias will not be put in the ground and are linked together compactly together for not succumbing to the wind. This huge number of fascinating flowers can create a micro-climate, which helps them to resist longer. Special lighting and music performances will accompany thousands of visitors this year in Brussels, all that will remain in awe at the carpet of begonias on the Grand Place. See you on the evening of August 14, with an evening show, and then every day until 19. This year, the stress will be, over 5 days in which flowers should be kept fresh and bright. Do not miss the view from the balcony of City Hall that will be open from 9 am to 23. The price will be 5 euros, children under 12 years can access for free.

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