Canary Island: Beaches And Trails Not To Miss

Canary Island

Canary Island - Canary Island: Beaches And Trails Not To Miss

If you are true lovers of nature, including those who are moved to come before the power of its manifestations, then perhaps you should choose the island of Lanzarote, the archipelago of the Canaries, with the goal of your next vacation. In Lanzarote you can enjoy nature at its expression, being able to walk on the trails and explore all the many wonderful attractions that the island has to offer.

Caldera Blanca is one of these incredible places, a site that offers the largest crater of Lanzarote, the diameter of 1200 meters, and offers spectacular hiking on lava fields between the bottom and the edge of the volcanic mouth. Wanting to explore this special place you can take advantage of the help of a camel. However scendiate inside the crater, the scenario of Caldera Blanca is a sight to behold, and its lunar landscape will keep you mesmerized.

Another great hiking adventure, ideal for your enjoyment, you may be climbing the summit of Montaña Corona. Here in this mountain area which is also part of the Timanfaya National Park, you can hike on the highest mountains of Lanzarote, which is located at 670 meters above sea level, magically barren-looking, or you can explore the Tunnel Atlantis, which is the largest volcanic underground tunnel that the world has to offer. And of course the island is linked to volcanoes is due to volcanic eruptions, more than 35 million years ago, emerged from the bottom of Lanzarote ‘Atlantic Ocean.

Lanzarote has plenty of trails to live slowly, to a crawl, emozionadosi curve after curve. For example, another natural place to explore and take a hike on the trail that connects Guatiza-Famara, where you can take a walk a walk of about 12 km in length: it starts from just above the east coast and beyond the ridge volcanic scedere to the inlet of Famara, including unforgettable scenarios. From there the trek to another, called “Lanzarote Scrambling “is another pleasant walk of just over 10 km into the village of Haria. There are still many paths that converge to the beach of Famara, a town of great charm that you do not have and you can not miss assultamente.

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An easy hike, but scenic, is one that leads to the Caleta del Sebo, starting from the village of Orzola in the northern part of the island. Bring a backpack to store shoes, the path leads to a shift in the water about 20 minutes, which fits right in the middle of Europe’s largest marine reserve. The “camino de agua” is a unique experience, and your holidays in Lanzarote must not omit such an attraction.

The village of El Golfo will offer a river of green grass, and from here you reach the large rock formations of Los Hervideros, where cliffs appiano in all their beauty, shapes eroded by wave power. From here, going a little towards the inside you can see the way in which salt is extracted, visiting the spectacular Salina de Janubio, a delight of color, with piles of white salt and hyper-saline water colored pink and purple.

During trips to Lanzarote, you can experiment with different types of land: you can enjoy trails that wander through the vineyards, coastal paths that move along the cliffs, or you can come down on the deserted beaches of sand, which become heartbreakingly beautiful with low tide. You will want to take infinite sequence of photos, so you can capture all the scenic beauty that the eyes see, with the changing light and sky. Among other Lanzarote can easily meet the wildlife, spotting many species of birds and reptiles such as lizards.

If hiking is your passion, then you’ll love Lanzarote, and is likely to return to this island. But even if you are feeling a bit sedentary, do not worry: in Lanzarote you can spend lazy days on the beach, eating in good restaurants in the city or even spend a day at the market. You will find plenty of activities to keep you occupied, and seeing all that Lanzarote has to offer.

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