Cardiff: Trip In The Welsh capital In United Kingdom


Cardiff - Cardiff: Trip In The Welsh capital In United Kingdom

Overlooking the Bay of Bristol, in Wales, south-east, not far from the borders with England stands Cardiff, Caerdydd in Welsh. The capital of Wales, as well as its most important center from multiple points of view, rooted in the distant Roman times. The real revival came in the seventeenth century, however, led by the Industrial Revolution: in this period that was only a village began to grow rapidly, becoming a major mining center, rich in coal deposits, and a very busy bustling harbor.

Lately the city has also been featured in an effective program of renewal and redevelopment, which has made it more clean, tidy and pleasant for a visit or a simple walk. The economy, strong and well-structured, is based mainly on agriculture, industry, steel, copper, coal, petroleum refining, electronics industry, and finally, most recently, tourism.

The climate of Cardiff is characterized by high summer temperatures never overly rigid and not particularly in winter. The hottest month, August, Unreachable fact that average maximum peaks are around 20.5 ° C, while the minimum is about 12.4° C. In winter, the coldest month is February, with an average maximum temperature of 7.2° C, and a minimum of 1.8° C. The month in which falls a greater amount of rain is December, with its 116 mm of water, but the record is held by the rainy days in January, which included at least 19 days a month of bad weather. The best seasons to travel around the city are revealed in the spring and autumn: in summer, in fact, the streets are very crowded and it’s hard to appreciate fully, in winter, however, many attractions are closed and there the risk that the mountain passes are blocked due to snow.

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There are many historical and artistic Cardiff and houses that are worth knowing. First of all the Castelloi, in the heart of the city, which combine different architectural styles of different ages: if the Roman fort and Norman fortress, other parts betray a striking Gothic and Victorian ancestry, because of the restructuring carried out in the nineteenth century . What makes it so fascinating is the Castle, in particular, the Clock Tower, a true symbol of Cardiff .

Other notable attractions are the beautiful Llandaff Cathedral, the Wales National Museum, which contains a rich collection of impressionist works, and the Millennium Stadium, the center of sporting and theater evocative musical concerts, the universities, including the largest in the United Kingdom thanks to the high quality of research and teaching, the College with its Cyncoed Campus, with a sports pavilion complete with a heated indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, playgrounds and large parks.

About green areas, Cardiff is a city that leaves great room for nature, and gives the possibility to walk in well-maintained parks, as the Gorsedd Gardens, Friory Gardens, Alexandra Gardens and Roath Park. Many are also events that can participate, at various times throughout the year, staying at Cardiff. The carnival, outdoor concerts, demonstrations of street artists and sports events are just some of the entertainments offered to tourists and locals alike. Especially the summer months are kept alive by a review of the Festival, distributed between July and August. In autumn and winter, however, you prefer sports with the Marathon Cardiff, the Wales Rally GB, the rugby and football tournaments.

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At Cardiff airport is located, which mainly offers charter flights in summer, but there are still drawn to cities including Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Belfast, Brussels, Channel Islands, Dublin , Edinburgh , Glasgow , the Isle of Man, Manchester and Paris. An alternative way to achieve economic and Wales if you were already in England is to choose the bus.

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