Costa Rica- The Best Place to Explore

Costa Rica in Spanish means “rich coast” and is officially known as Republic of Costa Rica it is a country in Central America which has Panama to its southeast, Pacific Ocean to its west and Caribbean Sea towards the East. Costa Rica is also known as land of peace and also has oldest democracy in Latin America.

It is also a privileged tourist destination because of its climate. The landscapes and the climate make it an excellent tourist spot and a flawless gateway for spectacular vacation.

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Places to visit in Costa Rica

  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve: The Reserve is quite beautiful and stunning to look at with great amount of beauty and bounty and a wide variety of biodiversity. The rain forest has 100% humidity and is also a home of 3000 species of animals and plants. Orchids, Bromeliads, Ferns, Vines and Mosses are different types of flora and fauna present.
  • Manuel Antonio: This place has fantastic and stunning beaches, national park and marvelous views of the Pacific Ocean. Accommodations according to the budget are also easily available. The tourist can enjoy a combination of nature, nightlife and adventure as well.
  • San Jose: The city is famous for its intriguing destinations such as Mercado Central which is an open market well known for handmade merchandise which is sold by local vendors. San Jones also a home to numerous museums as well. The Children’s Museum or Museo de los Ninos is an eminent museum which holds various exhibitions and also earthquake simulation. The architecture of the museum is quite unique.
  • Chirripo National Park: The National Park is located on the highest peak of Central America, Cerro Chirripo. From the peak the hikers can see both Pacific and Caribbean Oceans. The National Park has wide variety of different ecosystems which includes paramo system as well. The hikers can also visit the park’s remote areas, Savannah of the Lions where there is large population of puma. The park does not allow tourists only hikers accompanied with guides are allowed.
  • Montezuma: Montezuma is located between two very popular destinations Jaco and Tamarindo. The village is populated by creative and expat community and the tourists can find many vegetarian and organic food restaurants available. There are many tall waterfalls seen here.
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When to visit Costa Rica?

January, February and March are dry seasons making the best time to visit Costa Rica. Costa Rica also looks wonderful during rains as the rain forest are worth visiting this time.


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