Countries Where They Speak Better English In Europe


Europe - Countries Where They Speak Better English In Europe

Finished the school year’s not just a summer vacation period: the time is right to try to improve their linguistic preparation, and then nothing better than to organize a trip, or even better, a study holiday in a foreign nation, with the aim of improving their language skills. Obviously the English language courses are the most popular ever, and probably there is nothing better than to follow a General English course in London, or take a learning holiday in USA, the largest country in the world where the language Official language is the ‘ English.

But confining ourselves to Europe alone there are other alternatives, including low cost, to take a vacation, which will bring with him than with pleasure the return to practice English. So here is the ranking of the top 5 European countries where English is spoken (excluding the United Kingdom, Malta and Gibraltar) and where you can practice during the holidays, if not to join a real school course English language.

Holidays are very popular with young people who are accomplished in Dublin on the east coast of Ireland. Technically speaking the English language leaves the primacy of Gaelic, but in practice all speak fluent English. Here the English language can be studied and put into practice in a less frenetic than the capital of England, and your vacation will be more study a human scale, without losing quality in language. Not for nothing that we in the city of Nobel prize winners such as Samuel Beckett, figurehead of the English language and literature.

In the lands of the north there are hints of incredible journey: the landscapes of fjords and glaciers in Norway remain in the hearts of all the travelers who dare to spend a holiday in the northern lands of Europe. And unless you’re experienced in Scandinavian languages, English is undoubtedly the language used to communicate with local people. English is spoken correctly by all ages, in practice this is the second language of the nation, and you can venture to say that those who speak English better in Europe, among non-British, the Norwegians are right.

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The Dutch is a Germanic language, and stands roughly about halfway between the English and German. So even a holiday in the Netherlands called, offers the opportunity to experience language. The Dutch people generally speak good English, and the school provides adequate preparation for students’ language. Even university exchanges that take place for several decades, as the celebrated Erasmus, have fostered the development of Holland as a tourist destination for those who want to approach the practice of their knowledge of English.

The Danish nation is certainly distinguished for the quality of English spoken by a large part of the population. The high preparation linguist is easily explained by the school offers good preparation for the new generation, and the habit of seeing the film dubbed into Danish, and doing so with the musical ear of the English language, since the film offering the utmost the British and Hollywood productions.

We close this summary with a beautiful sea resort. South Cyprus, experiencing a lot of tension with its northern part, under the rule turkish, for decades has turned its gaze towards British tourists, making this island one of the favorite tourist destinations of the Anglo-Saxons. So we are talking about a decent, if not good, English, and perhaps there is no sweeter place to put into practice the language, which is cradled by the waves of the same Aphrodite was born, and relaxed by the gentle climate of the eastern Mediterranean.

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