Cultural Park Denpasar, Bali

Cultural Park Denpasar

Cultural Park Denpasar - Cultural Park Denpasar, Bali

Cultural Park is located at Nusa Indah street approximately 2 km to the east of downtown Denpasar. Cultural Park was originally a development project in Denpasar Bali Art Center was formed in 1969 which aims to preserve the wealth of art and culture of Bali. This project is the brainchild of the late Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra, which mandated a leading architectural, Ida Bagus Tugur, to build the region. In essence the Cultural Park is cleaved by a river from east to west is divided into three locations are:

A. Sacred sites / ltenang, including the library building Widya Kusuma, Pura Taman Beji, Selonding Bale, Bale Pepaosan Amertha Saraswati and the Ayodya.

2. Half crowded locations, including children’s arena, Gili Bale, Bale Kambang, Gajah Mina Bridge, the Main Exhibition Building Mahudara Mandhara Bhuvana Giri, Building Krya Sembrani Occaihcrawa, Circle of Krya Mandala, Bale Wantilan, Kumbakarna Karebut Statue, Sculpture Studio, Studio Painting, and Pensions artists.

3. Crowded locations, including Angsoka circle, Circle of Ratna Kandha, Ardhacandra Open Stage, Indoor Stage Ksirarnawa, Circle Mandala Madia, meeting rooms and cafeterias.

Cultural Park is always used as a central organizer of the Bali Arts Festival any year in mid-June, until in July.

Opening hours:

Monday • Thursday: 08:00 • 14:00 AM

Friday • Sunday: 08:00 • 12:00 AM

National holiday: closed.

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