Delodbrawah Beach In Bali

Delodbrawah Beach In Bali

Delodbrawah Beach In Bali - Delodbrawah Beach In Bali

Delodbrawah Beach In Bali

Delodbrawah beach has a gentle and flat beach with black shine sand. The elongated shape of its coastline, many people can freely perform a variety of activities such as sunbathing, swimming, and watching the sunset. Like the other beaches in Bali, beach sunset phenomenon Delodbrawah also presents a fascinating, beautiful and charming.

Rheumatism healer sand

In addition sunsetnya charming, well-known beach Delodbrawah with black sand and said many people believe the properties that can cure rheumatism. Therefore, many tourists who visit the beach for sightseeing as well Delodbrawah to cure all illness. Thus, once the paddle, two to three stone.

So what about the supporting facilities?. As a tourist attraction, the beach also has begun Delodbrawah equipped supporting facilities are provided for each tourist visitor, such as public toilets, shade to relax along the coast. With the beauty and the flatness of the flat beaches, crowded beaches Delodbrawah begin to relax and swim.

In the north of the beach there is an arena Mekepung Delodbrawah which is the best arena in the entire island of Bali, because Mekepung arena can be used in wet atmosphere. Mekepung is an attraction or show a very exciting racing, where two water buffaloes will attract a cikar with a person who serves as a jockey and as a control on it that will be mutually race with the other participants. Mekepung is filled with unique and distinct second to none, so this makes Mekepung attraction attraction for foreign tourists.

Delodbrawah beach in the village of Delodbrawah, District Mendoyo, Jembrana. If the direction of Denpasar, you just drive to the west toward the beach Delodbrawah a distance of approximately 88 km.

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