Divorce Hotel In Holland, The First Hotel That Specialize In Divorce Proceeding

Divorce Hotel

Divorce Hotel - Divorce Hotel In Holland, The First Hotel That Specialize In Divorce Proceeding

We have spoken several times of strange hotel, but now we have to record the birth of a new special type of hotel. In the Netherlands the weekend can now become an idea for couples who hope for a quick divorce and inexpensive!. If you are interested in what was conceived a “Divorce Hotel” Hotel for a divorce, and that helps husbands and wives to organize all the legal documentation necessary to end their marriage of just over two days. This may seem a bizarre idea is the result of the study Dutch entrepreneur Jim Halfens, who said he saw a gap in the market in a country where the divorce takes on average can easily go through 5 different institutions, and takes several months before be completed.

“When you leave the hotel, all work will be done,” is what he promised Mr. Halfens during a press conference. Actually the only thing the couple needs to do is show the agreement signed at the hotel to a court in the Netherlands and wait the two weeks needed to obtain the final judgment.

It will not create a special hotel, but will use a number of boutique hotels class throughout the country, including the elegant Ambassador Hotel in The Hague, one of the first to join. Couples who probably will do the check-in together, choose to stay in separate rooms, treated with special touch by the hotel staff. Will be treated like all other guests, but tactfully, since the time lived by the couple requires caution and special attention. The couple must apply the model imposed by the staff, and will be strictly followed by a group of legal experts on divorce also available here. If the husband and wife are quarreling, the process is automatically interrupted.

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