Dresden- The Best Destination to Explore

Dresden is the capital city of State of Saxony in Germany. The city is located on the River Elbe near to Czech border. Dresden is one of the beautiful cities of Germany and the city has also remained as one of the most important cultural centers of Europe because of its splendid buildings like Semper Opera House and Zwinger.

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Dresden is the city which has travelers coming across the world to see its mesmerizing buildings, art reserves, inspiring museums, orchestras and choirs of worldwide reputation.

Places worth visiting in Dresden

  • Zwinger Palace: It is one of the famous landmarks of Dresden. The Palace is one of the city’s protuberant building which was commissioned by Augustus the Strong. The complex was built in 1710 and was completed in 1732. The most impressive pavilions include Rampart Pavilion and Glockenspiel Pavilion.
  • Semper Opera House:  Semper Opera House is the cultural home of Dresden. This Opera House was built in 1678 and is influenced by ancient Roman architecture. The building has seen many premiers of work by Richard Wanger. The building was re-constructed as it was destroyed by fire once.
  • Royal Palace: This Palace has remained as seat of government for Saxon Rulers of Wettin family for quite a long. In Present times it has become a home of numerous museums. Green Vault, a large treasure chamber is also very famous.
  • Church of Our Lady:  This Church has a moving history. The Church got destroyed in World War II and was reconstructed again with the help of private donations.
  • Historic Paddle Steamers: A boat trip to paddle steamers on river Elbe. A trip down to the river to the town of Meissen which is famous for its porcelain is awesome. There are many cruises available to have a view of Saxony Switzerland.
  • Pfund’s Dairy: This has been considered as the most beautiful milk shop in the world as per the Guinness Book of Records. The Dairy was opened in 1880 by the Pfund brothers and the diary is well decorated from floor to ceiling with hand painted porcelain tiles. Local cheese, homemade ice cream, a glass of fresh buttermilk is worth tasting.
  • Elbe River: The River flows past Dresden’s Old Town and is lined with wide, grassy riverbanks, which provides an awesome views of the Old Town. The people can relax and enjoy barbeque over here. During summers one can join the locals who come here to watch movies.
  • Grosser Garten: This also known as “Great Garden” and is a public park and was established in 1676. It is located outside the walls of the city towards the southwest of the city center. In the center of the park is situated Summer Palace which is often referred to as masterpiece. The Park was built in 1814 and is also considered as cities biggest park. The visitors can also pay a visit to Botanical Garden and also a zoo which is built inside Grosser Garten itself.


Ideal Time to visit Dresden

The climate of Dresden is moderate hence the tourists can visit round the year but the peak season is from May to late October.


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