Echo Beach, A Perfect Beach For A New Bride In Bali

Echo Beach Bali

Echo Beach Bali - Echo Beach, A Perfect Beach For A New Bride In Bali

Echo Beach is located on the beach side but there are coral sand and slopes. The beach is right next to Canggu Beach. While the coastal line with Kuta Beach and Legian.

Echo Beach is perfect for those who were involved in pulling new bride for love or a tranquil atmosphere, peaceful, and quiet. Privacy is really secure because of the tourists was apparently not too many who come to this location. Those who come here usually spent the day with activities such as sunbathing, swimming or surfing while waiting and enjoying the beautiful sunset in the evening when the sun prepares to return to the contest.

The beach is very keep it cleanliness. It is worth it because the surfers are combined in an organization called Club Surf Community (CSC) in collaboration with surf schools do patrol hygiene routine is to clean the cleaning operation runs the garbage that is around the location of the beach.

Origin of the Name

At first, named Stone Mejan Bach Echo. But after builded a restaurant called Echo Beach Restaurant, for the traveler so memorable then this beach is named Echo Beach are attached to the present. Population is currently around 30% of his eyes living as farmers and fishermen, this can be seen from the existing fields at will, going there is a fisherman boat in beach.

Along the time of development and many tourists that come to the beach Echo Beach, land and paddy field located around the beach area which sold and rented many to be supporting tourism facilities.

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Location of Echo Beach

Echo Beach is located in the village of Canggu, North Kuta district, Badung regency. Is about 14 km from the city of Denpasar, or if converted to take about 48 minutes away where to go from Ngurah Rai International Airport.Echo Beach.

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